History Of Whoo releases new Hwa Hyun product


LG’s The History Of Whoo Hwa Hyun line hasn’t been touched at all, and seems to be rather quiet with no new additional products added to the line. Starting on the 10th of November, The History Of Whoo will be releasing a new product from the History Of Whoo Hwa Hyun line called the History Of Whoo Hwa Hyun Gold Program 천기단 화현 골드 프로그램 기획이에요.



The gold-concentrated ampoule will come in 0.8ml x 28 pieces and will retail for 330,000 wons. It is a 1 month program to restore the skin’s moisture, elasticity, radiance and youth. It is also the History Of Whoo’s first WATER free and Preservative Paraben free product which will contain only concentrated core ingredients in each capsule.

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  1. Wow Sounds fancy! I am glad your site is back online. I almost chocked to death when I saw your website was suspended………


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