History of whoo releases limited edition hwanyugo




The History Of Whoo will be releasing a limited edition gold version of the History Of Whoo Hwanyu Go. Since it’s release 7 years ago, it has established a name of it’s own in Korea’s luxury chinese herbal medicine market. Using 70 kins of rare herbal ingredients, it is a powerful anti-aging cream that erases the signs of aging.


Only 2,000 of the limited edition will be available. The limited edition comes with a gift box that is inlayed with pearl, by the work of ‘mother of pearl inlay ‘ craftsman, Kim Young Jun, an art practice that has been passed down for generations and slowly losing it’s appeal in the modern world. To the mass audience he is known as ‘The artist that won Bill Gates over’. In 2008, he gained much positive press attention with his MOP-inlaid and lacquered interpretation of the casing for the X-box, the games console produced by Microsoft. The order for 3 of these special MOP-inlay X-box cases had been placed by Bill Gates through Microsoft Korea, with intentions to offer them to Korean president, Lee Myung Bak, during his visit to Korea. It is rumored that Bill Gates was so pleased with the final products, he ordered 100 more mKother of pearl inlay X-box cases upon returning to America. The title of ‘The artist that won Bill Gates over’ enjoyed popularity within the artist industry for a while thereafter.  S

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  1. Wow, my husband has just got me a hwanyugo set from shilla dfs in Seoul. I am yet to try this wonderful cream. Breaks my heart to start using it.

  2. Glad you posted about donginbi, I read on several Japanese blogs that the oil is pricey but amazing. I put it on my wish list.

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