History Of Whoo releases ginseng packed wrinkle cream


LG’s The History Of Whoo, will be releasing a brand new item from it’s premium red traditional medicine line, the History Of Whoo Jinyul line. Introducing the History Of Whoo Wrinkle Essential Cream 진율향 링클 진액고 세트 ( 40ml / 180,000 wons ).


This wrinkle filler/healer comes in a generous 40ml which is generally not the case for wrinkle fillers as they usually come in 15 – 30ml. Also included are 8 mask patches to enhance the efficiency of the product. Made using the process of dry steaming red ginseng, this wrinkle cream is packed with ginsengnosides / red ginseng saponins which aids in the blood circulation of the skin, as well as improves elasticity of the skin while firming up your wrinkles making it less obvious, as well as women who are going through skin problems during the menopausal stage.


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