History Of Whoo releases First Care Serum




It’s about time!!!!!! I’ve always been wondering when in earth will History Of Whoo release their version of the first care serum since almost every other oriental medicine skincare brand already has their own version. Introducing the History Of Whoo Soon Hwan Essence 비첩 순환




Whoo’s First Care Serum will come in a bottle of 85ml and will retail at the price of 95,000 wons which is much… more expensive than the original First Care Serum in the world created by Sulwhasoo. This essence will be under the same line as the Ja Saeng Essence – which is under the Bichup line. As the summer heat causes the skin’s internal heat to rise which accelerates aging, The essence eliminates aging caused by heat, gives vitality to the skin by improving blood circulation. More details to be updated when they are available to us!

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  1. Hope, do u know hanyul’s gaeum mibaek line? Is it the same like gogyeol mibaek line?

    And hanyul’s optimizing serum is the same function like first care serum rite? So I use it after cleansing (in 3sec if I could manage haha) then follow with toner n the rest?

    I think I bought it w.o ever really knew what it was for hahaha

  2. The Hannule Ga Eum Mi Baek line is meant more for oilier skins, and is lighter than Go Gyeol Mi Baek, which is meant for more mature skins while they seek to brighten it as their goal. It really depends on your skin type.

  3. Thanks for the info kevin!

    My skin is actually oily dehydrated, so I might try the gaeum mibaek.
    Found a nice deal couple days ago, hope its still there hehe

    Btw am I rite bout the optimizing serum? Have u tried it?

    Cant wait for my package to arrive >.<

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