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With the over-saturation of Chinese herbal skincare brands in South Korea, we hardly hear about Chinese medicine skincare brands in the country where it all originated from. We’ve had brands such as Herborist ( 佰草集 ) which is a Chinese herbal skincare brand which is sold internationally in Sephora, as well as Wei Beauty, a brand that is sold in SPACE NK shops internationally.


Today, i will be introducing a Chinese herbal brand from China itself – called HERBORN ( 本草堂 ). You may notice straight away that they have Chinese Pop’s biggest diva of the 21st Century – Faye Wong – as an endorsement and you will know that someone very powerful must be behind this brand to be able to convince Faye Wong to be their spokesperson. Well, it’s no surprise here – the brand HERBORN is produced by the BAWANG Guangzhou Company, which also has Jacky Chan as their spokesperson for their herbal supplements.


As written by Business Week :

Bawang Guangzhou Company Ltd. develops, manufactures, and distributes herbal personal care and healthcare products. It offers anti-hair fall and renewal, hair darkening, repairing and nourishing, anti-dandruff, hair-strengthening, tea-seed anti-dandruff plant, and hair-nourishing plant shampoos. The company provides nourishment recover hair masks, hair darkening and conditioning, and nourishment darkening hair masks. It offers its products under brand names BAWANG, Litao, and Smerry. Bawang Guangzhou Company Ltd. was founded in 1989 and is based in Guangzhou, China. The company operates as a subsidiary of BaWang International (Group) Holding Limited.


The brand currently hosts a few lines :


1. Herborn Rosy Whitening Series



Herborn Rosy Whitening Series is exclusively designed for dull, coarse, yellowish and blotchy skin. Based on the unique Herbal Skin Nourishing Formula, Rosy Whitening Series contains extracts from White Peony, White Tuckahoe, Lycium Fruit and Safflower essence in addition to various Chinese herbal medicines, which can nourish and whiten skin, leaving skin a translucent rosy white glow from inside out.




The line currently consists of a few products :

1. Herborn Whitening Mud Mask

2. Herborn Whitening & Brightening Cream

3.Herborn Whitening Deep Cleanser

4. Herborn Whitening Toner

5. Herborn Whitening Emulsion

6. Herborn Whitening All Day Recovering Eye Essence

7. Herborn Pure Whitening Essence

8. Herborn Whitening & Nourishing Cream

9. Herborn Rosy Whitening Illuminating Day Cream

10. Herborn Rosy Whitening Nourishing Over Night Mask

11. Herborn Whitening Mask



2) Herborn Activating & Nourishing Line



This line REALLY looks like Hannule’s packaging! It looks almost similar to the old packaging of the Hannule Whitening Series. The Herborn Activating and Nourishing Line is an anti-aging and nourishing line which uses Bird’s Nest, Ginseng, etc to nourish and revitalize the skin.




This line has fewer products compared to the others :




3.  Herborn Hydra Fresh Line




This is their basic series. Herborn All Seasons Aqua series is exclusively designed for dehydrated skin with coarse, dull and sagging signs. Based on unique Skin Moisturizing Formula, All Seasons Aqua Series contains extracts from fresh Aloe Vera, Lotus blossoms and Lotus leaves plus various Chinese herbal medicines, moisturizing and improving circulation and water retention ability of skin, resulting in supple, delicate, white and vibrant skin.


Note that the toner, emulsion and cream is divided into two : one for the oily combination skin, and one for normal dry skin.


4. Herborn Revitalizing & Firming Line




This is their premium anti-wrinkle and firming line which uses ginseng extracts, lingzhi mushrooms, and other herbal remedies.





5. Herborn Anti Acne Line



This is their anti-acne line which helps to solve skin problems.



Hope In A Blog’s Initial Impression :


It would be unfair to compare this to premium brands such as Sulwhasoo, History Of Whoo, or even Hannule or Sooryehan because the price range is quite far apart. The most expensive item in the brand costs less than $50 and they usually cost around $12 for a cleanser, $20-30 for the toner, emulsion, cream, and $30-50 for the essence. Even Hannule and Sooryehan products are more expensive with the exception of their basic line.


In terms of packaging, there is also no competition to the Korean Chinese Medicinal Brands. I cringe when i look at their premium ‘lingzhi’ anti-wrinkle brand’s packaging and it looks like the cheap-ass creams you buy on the streets of China.


In terms of ingredients, there is also no comparison. I found one ingredient list, and it was in Chinese and not available in English. The list isn’t long and exhaustive like the History Of Whoo and Sulwhasoo’s ingredient list. Their ingredient list is rather simple with less than 10-15 ingredients. The brand claims to be 98% natural ingredients – well i guess you can say that water is a natural ingredient too.. haha.


Currently, there is no English information available for this brand, but i believe with Faye Wong endorsing, English information will be soon available to penetrate the Malaysian & Singaporean market. The brand can be now found on, or However, only the basic and whitening line can be found at the moment.

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