Want to try the HEra UV Mist Cushion? Sorry, register at the waiting list !




So we reported about the HERA UV MIST Cushion a few months back, but we didn’t know it was going to cause this rage in Korea. Apparently, the product is sold out EVERYWHERE and there’s a waiting list already for this item. To add to the demand, new stocks will only arrive around September !


Just a little update, the HERA UV MIST Cushion isn’t new. It’s been done by other Amore Pacific brands such as IOPE and Laneige but what makes it different from IOPE or Laneige is that it comes in 5 shades.




Why is this product so popular? Well because it’s summer and this product hits that market – it has an emulsion lotion like texture which hydrates your skin, cover imperfections, high spf, whitening, and cools down the skin by 2 degrees.


Unlike the IOPE and Laneige Cushion, this one has 5 shades :



N21 and N23 – For those who wants a natural sheer coverage.

C21 and C23 – For those who wants more coverage than usual.

C22 – For those who wants the radiant glow.


Look at the photos for the different look : Natural, Coverage, and Glam




If you want N21 and C21 – they’re sold out at every Gmarket seller ( 20+ of them – ALL SOLD OUT ). There’s a glimmer of hope if you’re looking for C22, N/C 23 you may have a glimmer of hope there. Same goes with Ebay. Both N21 and C21 are sold out. However shade 23 is selling out fast now, so if you see it, don’t hesitate anymore! I saw the N21 shade which i wanted and hesistated for 1 day… and the next day it was gone. Sigh………………


Has anyone tried it? Did it live up to its hype?

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  1. hey hope, i’ve seen some on gmarket for 22,500 won (around $20 mark), is that for the refill? then i’ve seen some for 37,500 (around $33 mark), that’s for the compact & product? kind of confusing.

  2. yes thats the refill. btw some sellers are still listing it eventhough its sold out. but they will put it beside, so make sure u use your translator to find out if its sold out or not at the options section

  3. thanks for confirming. you’re right tho, most of the compacts are sold out but still a lot of the refills

  4. thx hope. i’m confused on shade 22 now. that seller has two options for it; what seems like a normal (vanilla creme?) one and one that says shimmer. but on the hera site and on this post, there’s only one option for shade 22. can you shed some light on that hope? and i’m guessing 22 has more of a yellow undertone?

  5. i think you saw the option for IOPE and HERA because they both have 22. 22 is more of a highlighter i think, more pink based than yellow

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