IOPE,HERA & OHUI Whitening Foam Cleanser Reviews







IOPE Whitegen Cleansing Foam 

화이트젠 클렌징 폼



Contains natural proteolytic enzymes derived from papaya fruit ( papain ) which gently exfoliates the skin by removing old, dread skin to cultivate clear clean skin.


Contains natural cellulose micro beads which helps to deeply clean uneven skin surface such as pores to boost the absorption of whitening ingredients from follow-up skincare products.




HERA White Program Cleansing Foam

헤라 화이트 프로그램 클렌징 폼


Contains enzymatic capsules derived from papaya fruit which melts and helps exfoliate the skin. Contains mineral-rich white clay to remove dirt and sebum more effectively.




OHUI White Extreme Cleansing Foam

 화이트 익스트림 퓨리파잉 폼


Helps remove dead and dark skin cells caused by UV Radiation to give you clear transparent bright skin.








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  1. Thanks. I’ve just looked at it. It’s very interesting that this cleanser contains peptides. On the other hand, I don’t understand why exactly, since you rinse it after a couple of seconds. In order for peptides to “work”, they need to be absorbed into the skin and of course creams and serums are better for this purpose. Still, it’s very interesting since I’ve never seen a cleanser before that contains them.

  2. oh and btw, polyethylene – the 12th on the list is a very ‘bad’ one. I usually avoid products which contain this ingredient.

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