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I absolutely do not like Europeans sun-care products. When i was using only european sun-care products , it created this sunblock phobia , and made me dread putting on sunblock.



It was due to it’s greasy, oily, uncomfortable texture that i absolutely loathe. From La Roche Posay, to Avene, to Bioderma etc – i never really liked  a single one – and even those sunscreen which claims to be made for ‘oily combination’ skin were so greasy and uncomfortable to wear.



Korean sun-care products are definitely one of the best around – and those who are raving over the European and American sunscreens won’t know what’s the gold standards of sunscreens until they’ve tried sunscreens from the OHUI or HERA sun line.



We took such a long time compiling all these information, so hope you  will find it helpful !







1. Hera Sun Mate Daily SPF 35

헤라 선 메이트 데일리

제품 큰이미지


This is the most famous product off the Sun Mate line and has won countless awards like the OHUI’s Sun Powder.


Contains the HERA patented Dermo-Network Protection which contains Vitamin E, Helioxine, Beta Glucan, Rhodiola Rosea Extract.


The 9 awards they have won :




Ingredient List ( It has a reaaaally long ingredient list so it’s divided into two parts ) :


2. Hera Sun Mate Airlight SPF 30

헤라 선 메이트 에어라이트

제품 큰이미지


This mineral based sunblock is suitable for those with sensitive or oily/combination skin!



Contains the HERA patented Dermo-Network Protection which contains Vitamin E, Helioxine, Beta Glucan, Rhodiola Rosea Extract.


Ingredient List ( Very long! ) :

3. Hera Sun Mate Leports SPF 50+

헤라 선 메이트 레포츠

제품 큰이미지


This sunblock is suitable for those who are going to have a long day under the sun.

Ingredient list :

4. HERA Sun Mate Milk SPF 50

헤라 선 메이트 밀크

제품 큰이미지



This line is water and sweat proof. It can also be used on the body as well as the face.  Adviced for those who wants to have a richer  sun care product.


Contains the HERA patented Dermo-Network Protection which contains Vitamin E, Helioxine, Beta Glucan, Rhodiola Rosea Extract.



In addition this line also Cloud Berry Extracts which are rich in Vitamin A and C, Candle Bush Extracts which is a flavonoid and a strong anti-oxidant. It also contains a patented ingredient called Aepsel, which regenerates damaged skin by the UV rays. Last but not least it contains a special elastic powder which helps in sebum control and improve skin tone.

5. HERA Sun Mate Powder SPF 40

헤라 선 메이트 파우더

제품 큰이미지


This sunblock powder is chemical sunscreen free and has a protection of SPF 40 , PA +++.


Helps in absorbing excess sebum.

6. HERA Sun Mate Pact SPF 50

헤라 선 메이트 팩트

제품 큰이미지



This pact contains fine powder which has a light scattering effect to make the skin look smooth and even , and making imperfections such as pores and wrinkles less obvious. It is a combination of soft pearl yellow and pink colour to give your face a glow.



In addition, it contains the Pore Control powder which helps absorb excess sebum and keeps it under control.



Contains a special type of powder called the Gomilchak Mineral Powder which is four times thinner and lighter than conventional normal powder. Due to it’s size and weight, it is able to block UV Rays more effectively, and can be applied uniformly on the skin. The powder inserts itself between pores to provide your skin a smooth even tone, and helps refracts light, producing a shimmering effect on your pores, making it less obvious and in addition, it illuminates your skin.



7. HERA Sun Mate Wrinkle Corrector

헤라 선 메이트 링클 코렉터

제품 큰이미지



This is a multi functional product which acts as a sunblock as well as a wrinkle filler.



It has a brush – applicator which makes it unique from the other products off the Sun Mate line.



제품 큰이미지


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0 thoughts on “Introducing HERA Sun Mate Suncare Line”

  1. Their products are very interesting indeed. Their daily products (~SPF30) seem to be based on TinoSorb, Zinc and Titanium (as filters) which is very good. The only thing I don’t like is the rating of the UVA protection in these products. PA of only ++ stars is not enough and using the SPF 50 ones with PA+++ is too much for my oily skin.
    In the meantime I will have to continue using the La Roche Posay (Anthelios AC SPF 30, PPD 19, PA+++) which isn’t great but it’s the best one available for my type of skin.
    Thanks for the post!

  2. welcome! have you tried the one with spf50? its not that greasy actually, but the daily sun mate is fabulous!

  3. No, I haven’t tried, but you’re right – maybe I should try the spf50 one. At the moment I have a stock of LRP sunscreens (every year when the summer comes, I buy a lot of them ) but when they are finished I might try the HERA one.
    I’ve searched a little and found these reviews:


    I don’t speak Korean, but according to the pictures, the spf50 one doesn’t look too greasy and it actually looks good (same as the spf35 one).

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