Hera upgrades White Program line


Amore Pacific’s luxury brand Hera will be expanding the White Program line with 3 new products.


The packaging has also changed, now spotting a silver-purple look, rather than the white packaging of the old products. The three newly upgraded products are the Hera White Program Radiance Cream, Hera White Program Eye Serum and the Hera White Program Essence.


The newly upgraded products contain the Hera 5 Point Whitening concept as well as the patented Bio Melasolv which has been studied for the past 15 years which controls the volume of melanin that causes melanin pigmentation to brighten the skin and align cell disposition to make the skin look clear. Amore Pacific’s other brand, Laneige, uses the Melasolv too ( not sure if it will be the same as Hera’s Bio-Melasolv ).

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  1. Hi, could you give me the link (Gmarket) for Hera White Program? Amazon offers the brand at a very expensive price. Thanks.

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