Hera to release cushion pact after Laneige & Iope


We reported a few months back about Laneige pushing out it’s version of the cushion BB pact, a copy version of the IOPE Air Cushion Sunblock. Now, Hera will also be releasing their version of the cushion BB pact – called the HERA UV Mist Cushion 헤라 UV 미스트 쿠션.( Type this in GMARKET to purchase ) 


No surprise here since Laneige , IOPE, and HERA are all under the same company : Amore Pacific. Don’t forget that HERA has a BB Cream called the HERA UV Mist Balm which i absolutely adore!


Using a new concept, it comes in a special cushion containing the BB liquid. The cushion features the air pump technology which contains air bubbles that disperse a thin layer of BB liquid upon a light pat. A cooling sensation can be felt immediately upon application, which is touted to cool skin temperature by 3°C. (A lower skin temperature is said to be ideal for touch-ups and reapplication of make-up.)

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  1. Thanks for the info! I think I’m gonna try this one…I really liked the UV Mist Balm but my face is just too dry for it

  2. haha glad to know i wasn’t the only one who loved it ! even the UV Mist balm is too dry for you? you must have reallly dry skin then! haha. why dont u try the IOPE Super VItal Moist BB Cream? or the OHUI Essence Rich Balm ? I’m currently using the Vidi Vici BB Cream and it’s superb too!

  3. hehe I bought the UV mist balm after reading your review I still use it for dark eye circles and stuff so it’s not going to waste. It works perfectly when I’m having a good “skin day”, but on some days it just kinda sit on top of my skin (not really blending in)…

    And thanks for your BB cream suggestions! I’ve only tried the Missha ChoBoYang and BRTC Jasmine before…I like their coverage but they make my skin dry and oily at the same time (haha sorry I sound like I’m contradicting myself but it really feels that way.) I thought about getting the OHui one (after reading your winter article) but it’s starting to warm up already, so I’m not sure if it’ll be a too heavy for SpringSummer. Do the IOPE and Vidi Vici have similar textures?

  4. the IOPE uses the super vital moist cream which is rich so maybe not for summer. Vidi Vici has a lighter texture and gives u a dewy finish!

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