Hera releases new Cell Lift Calming line



Amore Pacific’s HERA has released two new products from a new line called the HERA Cell Lift Calming line 헤라 셀 리프트 카밍 크림. The line will be suitable for those with sensitive skin as it is dermatologically and allergy tested.


The HERA Cell Lift line protects the skin from the external environment factors that accelerates skin aging, and keeps the skin elastic and firm. It uses functional anti-wrinkle ingredients which are natural. It also helps the regeneration of the skin barrier which might be damaged from external factors such as pollution, etc. It keeps the skin moist, dry-free and smooth.




HERA Cell Lift Calming Cream 헤라 셀 리프트 카밍 크림

The cream contains the Siberian Plant Peptide Complex which contains naturally derived peptides from 6 Siberian plants to keep skin firm.



HERA Cell Lift Calming Essence 헤라 셀 리프트 카밍 세럼

Contains plant derived natural ingredients extracted from Siberian Plants sealed in capsules to ensure maximum delivery of potent actives. The HERA Cell Lift Calming Essence is highly concentrated, yet absorbs easily into the skin – filling the cells with water and gives it a smooth texture.

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  1. Hi, I’m addicted to your blog! Love reading about korean skincare and new releases (: I’m thinking of getting some Hera products such as the preperfection serum and the whitening serum along with some suncare products but I’m not sure which seller to buy from! Gmarket can be so confusing! Could you recommend the best seller to buy Hera products from? Greatly appreciate your help! Thanks in advance!

  2. I have not tried their other products other than their sun-care which is tip top! My favourite sellers are all on the ‘where to buy whoo etc’ list! Some of them have HERA items too. Normally the cheaper ones are sellers such as BC COURSE, SKIN4U, etc. You’ll definitely see them when you purchase HERA products.

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