Helena Rubinstein releases BB Cream


Another Western BB Cream after news from Giorgio Armani : the Helena Rubinstein Premium UV Nude BB Base SPF50.


Helena Rubinstein, a western brand that is really popular especially in Japan ( the serum ) has joined the BB Trend with a BB Cream of SPF 50, that promises 12 hour moisture, and the first BB Cream that uses the mexoryl SX and the mexoryl XL. It also uses the Chromatic Equalizing Pigment that corrects skin tone. In addition, it has anti-aging properties such as the patented Raffermine which aids in skin elasticity, Helisun which prevents DNA damage from UV Rays, as well as Mint Extract and Prunis extract which aids in skin brightening / whitening.


Shade :  4992944843071 


Combining the patented Detoxyl and corn seed extract, the BB Cream also protects the skin from pollution. Sold for $520HKD  / 30ml.

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