Hanskin joins in the vibrating foundation and pumping palette packaging wagon!


So… no surprise here – Hanskin – the leading Korean BB Cream company – has released two new BB Creams that has been very popular lately : a vibrating foundation machine and a BB Palette packaging. If you’ve been following the blog – you’d definitely been reading a lot about this – if not, scroll back our articles !


Introducing the Hanskin Super Light Touch BB 한스킨의 진동비비 which has gone through a revamp with the palette type packaging. The vibrating machine will come in a set together with the newly revamped BB Cream. The vibration machine ensures even distribution of the foundation on the skin and ensures maximum adhesion of the BB Cream on the skin.


This BB Cream also improves skin elasticity and moisture. In addition, it will be free from 5 harsh chemicals – chemical sunscreens, fragrance, mineral oil, parabens, and GMO. Suitable for all skin types and all ages.

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