Introducing Brands : Amore Pacific’s Hannule / Hanyul

Even though Amore Pacific has been a pain in the ass, we’ve been flooded with e-mails regarding questions about the line. So we are going to do a short introduction on the Hannule / Hanyul brand for those of you who are looking for information as there is no english information regarding this brand at all.

Hannule or Hanyul is a brand under the Amore Pacific Group and is touted as the Sulwhasoo for younger skin. The brand targets women at their early 20s to late 30s.

There are 4 distinct lines in Hannule which are encoded by their distinctive colour, namely the Red, Purple, Blue, White and Green.

Kudos goes to Kevin Jang ( which we are trying to get him to feature some articles on this blog ) for most of the information regarding this line.

1) Red Line – Hannule Keuk Jin line



This line is a premium care line and is probably the most expensive line in Hannule. It is a skin renewal line, anti wrinkle, anti aging, firming and elasticity line.

The TV-ad for the Keuk Jin line shows that the line can firm the skin for the V-line silhouette of the face.

Not forgetting, the Hannule Keuk Jin Essence was the no.2 best selling product of the Amore Pacific in 2010 ( just behind IOPE’s Super Vital Extra Moist Cream). Not to mention that it even achieved higher sales than the much cheaper Amore Pacific brand ‘Mamonde’ which was 4th rank.

You can watch the TV ad for the KeukJin Essence right here :

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  1. hi audrey, sorry for the late reply. Look for 한율 유빛 마사지 에센스 정/ 연 depending on your skin type

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