Hanyul/Hannule Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream

Amore Pacific’s Hanyul/Hannule/Haneul , the Sulwhasoo for younger skin, has released a new product off the ‘Go Gyeol Jinaek’ (Purple) line.


The Hanyul Go Gyeol Jinaek Cream (60ml/ 110,000 wons) introduces Korea’s first ever ginseng enzyme certified treatment product.

This anti aging cream improves deep wrinkes, and nourishes the skin.


The line consist of 6 products – emulsion, essence, cream, lip & eye cream, toner, sleeping pack.


Hannule’s Go Gyeol Jin Aek cream, which is high in concentrated ginseng extract, and a compound of 5 Oriental herbs or plants fermented over 72 hours, including pomegranatae, haengyin, and so on, and burdock, is a synergy of various Oriental ingredients.


To purchase the product or it’s samples, look for ‘고결진액 크림’ in Gmarket.

*Special thanks to Kevin J for the tip!

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  1. I have used samples of this, given to me when I purchased the Chae Eum basic line, before, and I liked the newly revamped version. I don’t know much about the difference between the old and new one, since the old one which was what I normally would buy, has similar packaging. But this cream is honestly not only luxurious in feel, but the heavy herbal smell is a giveaway as to what the ingredients are inside the cream, ie. ginseng, angelica and various other herbs. The other cream which I would get as an alternative is the Ja Yang cream manufactured by Sansim, which also smells heavily of wild mountain ginseng of 110 years, except that it is too expensive if you do not get it off Gmarket.

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