Hanyul revamps their makeup line


Amore Pacific’s Hanyul has seen big changes from the release of it’s first care serum two months ago – the Hanyul Optimizing Serum. It seems to be enforcing a stronger international brand identity with the english romanization of its Korean name Hanyul boldly printed in all their new packaging. I am sure that the other lines will follow suit, and later Hanyul items now have detailed English information on the products pamphlets.


Despite it being overshadowed by it’s big sister, Sulwhasoo, Hanyul is an excellent brand on its own. I would say that the major difference being that Hanyul is that Hanyul contains less of those harsh chemicals that we may find in Sulwhasoo and is being produced in a more organic, old fashion traditional way.


The Hanyul Rich Effect Makeup 한율 동안 피부 line has been around for a while, and now Hanyul will be renewing it and introducing a few new items. The good thing about this makeup line is that it also contains anti-aging ingredients which helps with balancing the condition of the skin that maybe broken due to stress, pollution, or irregular lifestyle habits causing the skin to lose it’s yin yang harmony which then results in loss of elasticity, wrinkles, dull skin tone, etc. 


The makeup line of course contains Hanyul’s famous ginseng formula which gives you that powerful anti aging and moisturizing effect. The makeup line also contains fine pigments that inserts beautifully into your skin, expressing a more vibrant skin tone.


So what do you think of Hanyul’s new packaging and its products? Share them below!

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  1. Actually, Sulwhasoo is actually richer than Hannule in texture, because of its targetted age range. The Basic Moisturizing Skin and Emulsion from Sulwhasoo actually works very well for dehydrated combination skin in the colder autumn and winter months, compared to the basic range of Hannule(Chae Eum) which is meant for all seasons. I am not so sure if it is true that Sulwhasoo has more harmful chemicals,or that Hannule is more organic though. They all have stabilizers and preservatives such as propylene glycol , and parabens to keep their life on the shelves longer.

  2. Hi Kev, isn’t the basic line of Sulwhasoo for all skin type and age range? As I saw some bloggers even start using it in their mid 20s. I’m just wondering which one shall i go for.

  3. Mia, I am a guy in my 30′s, and generally have sensitive skin which reacts to most of the fragrances in men’s skincare, so I tend to use the Basic(and generic) line for Sulwhasoo when I buy it off the department stores in Seoul. Sulwhasoo is generally marketed at those in their 30′s since its principle of hydration is definitely not for skin in 20′s which might tend towards acne or sebaceous activity (excess) in that stage of life. Hence, Amorepacific markets Laneige and Mamonde to suit the age group of people in their 20′s. I have heard from those who use the Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask though that it is a good peel-off mask pack that helps to heal acne-prone skin. Don’t get me wrong here. I would not really buy Sulwhasoo in my 20′s if I have a choice, since young skin in the 20′s recovers faster from anything like acne or late nights compared to skin in the 30′s which tends to be sensitive and vulnerable to environmental changes. But Sulwhasoo is a good brand and arguably one of the best in the Korean cosmetic and skincare-toiletries market for sure.

  4. I recently bought the Sulwhasoo basic set that comprises of the first care serum, balancing water, and emulsion and I personally LOVE these products! They’re very hydrating in my opinion even though I have acne prone skin (which I’m using retin a for). I also had a sample of the concentrated gingseng cream which I also love but can be a little too rich. I also tried History of Whoo basic line (yellow) but I find it a little bit too thick and heavy yet doesn’t break me out. I also tried out Sooryehan’s Choyun cream and I quite like it as well. I haven’t tried any products from Hanyul yet but I am really curious about how it compares to the other korean brands I have tried. I’m planning to go to the counters and checking out their products when I travel to korea this summer!

    I recently switched to korean skincare and have found that they work MUCH better on my skin than western brands such as kiehls, caudalie, avene, etc. The Kiehls ultra facial cream wouldn’t combat the redness on my cheeks and I would still have flakes around the mouth and sometimes on my acne prone cheeks… The eczema on my forehead would also flare up whenever I used it.

    Even though I’m only 18 I’m obsessed with taking good care of skin. I believe in spending more time and money on good skincare than just using makeup to cover up imperfections!

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