Hanyul releases boosting essence for summer





Looks like Amore Pacific is concentrating on boosting serums this summer. After releasing the Laneige Purify-tox Boosting Essence, they will be releasing the oriental herbal version with Hanyul Optimizing Serum 한율 율려원액 에센스. It also seems that it has another name Hanyul Optimally Balancing Serum, so i don’t know which will be the official name. Looks like Amore Pacific has also decided to officially named the brand Hanyul because before this they were a little undecided if it was Hanneul, Hannule, or Hanyul. With this product, they have finally decided to go with Hanyul while i’ve used Hanneul in all my previous posts! Does this mean that the Hanyul brand is getting ready to be released internationally?


Anyway back to this boosting serum, it comes in 70ml content and will be sold for 65,000 wons. This serum will be completely free from harmful chemicals and will contain pure 83% of natural herbal content. This boosting essence helps strengthens the skin’s defences to give u clear and healthy skin. It also enhances the efficiency of the following products – so this is like a first care serum. It also inhibits collagen degradation and prevents the formation of wrinkles. It also helps cellular DNA damage from UV rays.


It will have a very light refreshing texture that will absorb instantly into the skin. Take a sneak peak at the texture through this blog :



And apparently, this blogger was so satisfied with the serum that she gave 100/100 points to this serum and summarized the serum as :



Yes, she liked it so much that she said 16 bottles of the Sooryehan Hyo Vinegar Essence was equivalent to only 1 bottle of Hanyul Optimizing Serum. So who wants to try this? Hands up!

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  1. Oh no, now I’m confused between this or sooryehan’s oxtail essence (is that the correct name?)
    But this one looks better, n honestly I’ve always prefer hanyul’s than sooryehan’s hehe
    Does liri sold this at cheaper price? I’m planning to order few things from her on my next haul ^^

  2. oxalis. haha no it will only be released next month. u can preorder it in korea now.

    i agree, i prefer hannule to sooryehan

  3. I like Hanyul more than Sooryeohan in general, but Sooryehan cleansing foams and also some of their star lines, namely the Hyo line, are pretty good. It’s a rather sad thing that their red Ginseng line got discontinued and they are in the process of upgrading it, as I heard from an Olive and Young staff manager the last time.

  4. They have a Bichaek Ginseng cream and the lotion-toner and emulsion, sold at Hyundai Mall on ebay. I have yet to check it out on Gmarket, since getting items on Gmarket should ideally be in bulk or a bigger lot owing to the EMS shipping charges. Seems like a product sold exclusively online.

  5. Deer velvet collagen seems to be the next most popular thing for anti-aging after ginseng and other concoctions. Tony Moly’s Gyeol cream and its other products in the series has deer velvet collagen too.

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