Hannule upgrades it’s star product–the Rich Effect Serum




Good news! Hannule is upgrading their best seller of 2010 – the Hannule Rich Effect Gogyeol Keukjin Essence 한방 성형 에센스.


This is what the old packaging looks like this : image , so double check if you want to purchase it.


Being one of my favourite serums ( i love it’s texture ) , the Hannule Rich Effect Essence claims to tighten sagging skin and improves the v-line. As we age, our skin loses it’s elasticity and starts to sag which can be also due to the build-up of toxins in our skin. The serum helps improve circulation by the removal of toxins and waste products in the skin in which helps improve the skin’s elasticity.


The newly upgraded formula contains honeysuckle extracts, chestnut extracts, traditional fermented organic ginseng, ginseng enzyme treatment which is responsible for increasing cellular activity, metabolism and circulation ) , and many other Chinese herbs to help improve skin resilience and texture. Not forgetting that it is formulated with skin –friendly nano particles which helps these ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin to improve it’s efficiency!


Who else has tried this and loved it too?


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0 thoughts on “Hannule upgrades it’s star product–the Rich Effect Serum”

  1. The title of “Rich Effect” made me think of the Go Gyeol Jinaek Essence for once. I think that this essence (the Keukjin essence) is so expensive, but either way, with other products like the Go Gyeol Jinaek cream, the Go Gyeol Jinaek essence and now the Oil Balm, I think there is plenty to go around and they are cheaper than the Keukjin essence itself. I got a set of skin toner and emulsion from the Keukjin line for winter, as recommended by the store assistants in Aritaum at Dongmyo, but have yet to open it. Now using the new set of skin toner and emulsion (Ohui’s Age refining line) which I just bought from Lotte in Myeongdong. I actually think it’s a good line. (More suited to my skin type than the Hydra line, which is meant for oilier skins and younger skins.)

  2. hannule uses the rich effect in all of their lines, and it can be a little misleading because when people with oily or combi skin see the ‘rich effect’. they will steer clear from Hannule which is a pity! i just got the hydra line from my gmarket feb blogger of the month coupon! cant wait to try it for summer. it is suddenly becoming really cold in europe now!

  3. When you say “rich effect”, do you mean the Korean words, 영양, or ‘yeongyang’(nutrition)? That is a constant word used in Korean cosmetics. The Chae Eum is a basic line in Hannule, and works well for combination skin in spring and summer. So is the Ga Eum line which is sold online or on infomercial television in Korea. I have tried most of the lines of Hannule except for the makeup, whitening and the guy’s line, since the guy’s line is fragranced heavily. The Go gyeol jinaek line (purple packaging) is a great line when you use it in winter and highly hydrating. Personally, it’s probably my favorite line in the Hannule brand and more so than the Keukjin line.

  4. No, hannule translates all ther lines in english as ‘rich effect’ e.g Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Cream, Hannule Rich Effect Hydration, all their lines use the ‘Rich Effect’.

  5. I have yet to see the English versions of the site so far, and only saw the Korean version. Maybe that is why.

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