Hannule to release Hydration line–GoGyeol Soo line





Just a few days after LG’s Sooryehan announced it’s released of their own Hydration line ( check out the news here ) , looks like Amore Pacific’s Hannule will be following right away. The line will be called the Hannule Hanyul GoGyeol Soo line.

There hasn’t been any official statements yet, but this line will be introduced in early May, so here’s an exclusive for all Hope In A Blog readers.

Currently, only the cream has surfaced and looks like it will be a huge hit as it has had good early pre-debut reviews compared to the Sooryehan’s new hydration cream.

We’ll update when more details and news surface but if you’re ever interested in purchasing it on Gmarket, here is the word : 한율 고결수 크림.


Here is a sneak preview ( Thanks to Supia!) :






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  1. Reminds me of Hannule’s former cream, the Myeong Eum Jin night cream in terms of the texture. Watery and very light even as a cream. I won’t be surprised if it is a revamp of the Myeong Eum Jin night cream for both day and night use, because that cream is very similar to the watery texture of the cream from the pics.

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