Hannule releases serum for oily skin


 Yeay! Finally a product targeted for those of you with oily skin. To combat summer problems, Amore Pacific’s Hanneul has released a serum which is suited for those with oily or combination skin called the Hannule Cha Eum Yeon Essence 채음 연 에센스
 This serum provides deep hydration for the skin to form a shield on the skin’s surface to make it comfortable and smooth. Contains high concentration of herbal ingredients which are rich in antioxidants and improves skin resilience. Not only does it hydrate, but this serum also helps in excess oil absorption. It uses the Pickering Emulsion Technology which contains powder that forms a protective layer on the skin and absorbs excess sebum and prevents making your face look like an oil splash!
 Looks like an absolute must-have for summer!

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