Hannule releases Rich Effect Wrinkle Filler

Amore Pacific’s Hannule has just released another new addition off their purple line called the ‘Gogyeol Jinaek’ line or known in English as the ‘Rich Effect’ line : Hannule Rich Effect Wrinkle Filler.

As summer arrives, high temperature and sun heat slows down the blood circulation of the skin, and easily breaks the balance of the skin which results in accelerated aging. 

The filler is enriched with herbal ingredients (featuring Korea’s first Ginseng Saponin Enzyme Treatment, Angelica, etc ) to plump up wrinkles, and continuous use will see a drastic improvement on your wrinkles. It will also improve blood circulation   

To purchase, type 한율 고결진액 필러 on Gmarket.

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  1. I always find that the use of a filler serum is somewhat redundant, if the cream and BB cream(if you use it on top of the cream during the day) are both good enough. It is obviously a good way to make money off a small tube of serum lol. But Hannule is a good brand nevertheless, and I would opt for the other products in the Go Gyeol Jinaek line definitely. The cream is really good in its former version, and I suspect the newer version actually is not that much different, having tested it out before too.

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