Hannule releases massage cream


Amore Pacific’s Hannule / Hanyul has finally released their massage cream called the Hannule Rich Effect Massage Cream 한율 고결진액 마사지크림.


No doubt that the most important skincare step in Asian skincare is the massage step. The massage cream comes with a special tool that is shaped like the History of Whoo Jinyul Massage Cream which helps stimulate the acupunture points. The massage tool and cream works together to improve facial muscles to fight sagging skin, and achieve firm skin. Stimulation of the acupunture points ensure the healthy flow of ‘qi energy’ which will improve circulation and promotes healthy, young skin.


The massage cream  contains ginseng saponin, natural flower extracts, and other traditional chinese medicine that absorbs deep into the skin, provides deep moisture, and will be released in Aritaum stores starting February.



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