Hannule releases anti aging hand cream


Amore Pacific’s Chinese herbal brand, Hannule , will be releasing an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle hand cream called the Hannule Gogyeol Jineak Hand Cream 고결진액 핸드크림.



Our hands are the one part we neglect. It is also one of the part that ages the fastest due to exposure to UV light, frequent contact with water ( making it dry easily ), and directly exposed to the external polluted environment. The hand cream is filled with concentrated Chinese herbal ingredients which smoothens your skin, hydrates your hands, while preventing evaporation of moisture from your hands.



In addition, ginseng and mushroom extracts work on your hand wrinkles as well as other antioxidants to help prevent aging. Smooth, rich, yet not sticky, the hand cream is the perfect anti aging hand cream!

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  1. I am going to Seoul for a few days during the end of this month prior to a move. Honestly, as attractive as this hand cream looks, it looks like a competitor to the hand cream that History of Whoo has (Whoo’s version retails at 16,000won), and in comparison with the abundance of hand creams which retail for way less than that, it seems pitched as a luxury or medium range bodycare use more than any affordable bodycare or handcare product. You can even get a good hand cream in Seoul for 1,000won at 100ml! This includes Tony Moly hand creams inside Watsons’ during promotions, and so, sometimes, I do think that consumers are spoilt for choice in this department there.

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