Hannule and Hyosiah releases cleansing soap


Amore Pacific’s oriental medicine brand, Hanyul, has released a cleansing soap called the Hanyul Green Tea Soap 녹차비누.


Green Tea is known for its high anti inflammatory properties which soothes skin troubles. Oriental herbal essence keeps skin moist and healthy. With the combination of both – thus the birth of the Hanyul Green Tea Soap. This soap is recommended for those suffering from acne. The soap cleanses pores deeply, while soothes the skin. Also contains Shea Butter to moisturize the skin further after cleansing.




Hyosiah, Amore’s bean fermentation brand, has also released a Soy Soap for quite sometime called the Hyosiah Deep Cleansing Soy Soap.


The fermented bean soap cleanses the pores deeply without stripping off the skin’s natural oils. Contains their patented CUREBEAN extract together with fermented grain ingredients of soy, barley and rice to give you a bright radiant complexion.

Contains natural oil based ingredients such as olive oil, macademia oil, rice bran which keeps skin moist and resilient even after cleansing. Willow Extracts helps exfoliates the skin and is excellent for those with oily skin. H. Cordata powder soothes the skin, and helps the regulation of sebum for those with oily skin!


There you have it – two soaps from Amore Pacific for those with oily, acne skin ! Which one attracts you more?

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  1. The Hanyul green tea soap bar has been around since Hanyul was launched in 2009 or so. I remembered getting it in the pack of 3(toner, emulsion and cream) which I purchased from Gmarket in 2010. So it’s not new.

  2. Love all Hyosiah products , will try to find this at Gmarket and try . Thank you for the up-to-date.

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