Coup De Coeur 2011 : Hannule Whitening Mask




Hope In A Blog’s 2011 Coup De Coeur definitely goes to the Hannule Rich Effect Whitening Mask ( Read my review : here ).


It has been quite a while since i wrote the review, and I’ve been using the mask regularly. My good thoughts on this mask has amplified since the last time especially this one time where i was putting on the mask, accidentally fell asleep and woke up with glowing white skin. I was so surprised as the effect was really dramatic.


In the review, i have said that the mask doesn’t absorb easily, and after 30 minutes, there is still a lot of essence left. After a few trial and error, i found the perfect way to use the mask : Put it on for 1 hour, or until at least the mask becomes dry and all the essence has been absorbed into your skin. However this can be quite time consuming, so i would advice you to use this on days where you have some extra time, and you can take a 1 hour nap while putting this mask on.


It’s no surprise that it has won Allure’s Get It Beauty Awards 2011 Best Whitening Mask , and even in the Blind Test , the Hannule Whitening Mask was also a winner. Much cheaper than the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening Mask too! Not to mention, the mask has a super good fit and covers the entire face.


Has anyone tried it? If you have this mask at home, try my method and i promise you will wake up to bright white skin Open-mouthed smile Here are some photos i took :


Click to enlarge the photo to see the differences properly!



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  1. Oh, great that you like it now too. This is my fav sheet mask. I still have two boxes of snowise from seoul but cherish the hannulle’s ones much more. Just have to take a nap with it now. Seriously, it is much better than the uber expensive Amore Pacific mask too. Another, miracle whitening mask for me which has won all kinds of awards in Japan, is Helena Rubinstein’s which produced by Loreal’s subsidiary in Japan. I think it is better than SKII

  2. Helena seems to be a really popular brand in Japan! Their serum is always no. 1 ?
    on cosme. Yeah, the hannule mask is dope!

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