Hadalabo upgrades whitening line


If you live in Asia, chances are that you know this brand, Hadalabo. After all, the Hadalabo Lotion is one of the best selling lotions in Asia. In 2009, Hadalabo introduced a whitening line and 3 years later, Hadalabo wil be upgrading the entire Hadalabo Whitening line.


Fulfill your dreams of a white, perfect skin with Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening range that contains pure Arbutin to help fight darks spots and brighten up skin tone. Also contains Vitamin C to enhance skin fairness and reawaken dull skin caused by exposure to UV rays. Not forgetting, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid hydrated the skin deeply. Paraben free, mineral oil free and alcohol free – this new formula will be suitable for all skin types even sensitive ones.


The newly upgraded Hadalabo Whitening line will have 4 products :

1. Hadalabo Whitening Lotion – Moist type ( for dry-normal-dehydrated skin )

2. Hadalabo Whitening Lotion – Normal-oily-combo skin

3. Hadalabo Whitening Milk

4. Hadalabo Whitening Foam Cleanser


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  1. just curious, is the old whitening lotion refer to the moist type *dry skin* or the normal to oily ?

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