Hope In A Blog Gmarket Tutorial 7 : Understanding your G-Account : Mileage, Cash Balance , Gcash , Credit Points & VIP System, Book Cash, Credit Points

A) Mileage

  • Mileage are like bonuses which can be converted into Gcash then into Cash balance to be used to buy items. However they can only be converted once you have reached 10,000 Korean wons. They can also be used to pay for overweight amount by converting it to Gcash.
  • To have a detailed look at your mileage history click here


How to obtain mileage?

There are 2 ways  to obtain mileage :

1) Purchasing Items

  • Some sellers offer mileage as bonus when you purchase from them. For example :


2) Leaving Feedback

  • You can also obtain 100 mileage each time you leave feedback on the items bought. For this, look at Tutorial 6

B) Gcash


  • Gcash cannot be used to purchase items so don’t be foolish enough to convert your Cash Balance to Gcash!
  • Gcash can only be used to pay overweight shipment fee.
  • You can convert your mileage ( if it is over 10,000) to Gcash to pay for the overweight balance.
  • If you don’t have any Gcash and mileage, you can purchase them using Paypal / Credit Card.
  • You can also purchase Gcash then convert it to Gbalance to pay for your shopping on Gmarket. However , it has to be more than 1000 Gcash for it to be able to be transfered. ( 5% will be deducted as a processing fee )

C) Cash Balance


  • Cash Balance is obtained whenever there is an over-estimation on your shipping amount. The extra amount will be reimbursed into your Cash Balance.
  • Cash Balance is extremely annoying as they cannot be used up fully. They can be transferred into your bank account, but Gmarket charges a 25USD fee charge for this therefore it isn’t worth it to transfer the remaining amount into your bank account
  • Instead, you can use it to shop, but you will need quite a large amount of Cash Balance to do so. Or else, you can always purchase some Gcash then transfer it to your Cash Balance ( 5% will be deducted as a processing fee )

How to shop using Cash Balance ?

  • For example this is your shopping cart :


  • To be able to use your Cash Balance when paying for your items, the TOTAL PAYABLE AMOUNT must be more or exactly the same with your Cash Balance. Therefore in this case here, you need 147,700 or more in your Cash Balance.
  • If there isn’t enough, you can purchase some Gcash then transfer it to Cash Balance ( 5% will be deducted as a processing fee )
  • OR you can also alter your order for it to fit the amount of your Cash Balance by splitting your order into two. The first order + shipping amount must be the same or more than your Cash Balance. Then place another order for the other items, and combine the two orders into one shipment.

D) Credit Points and VIP System


  • You can check your credit points here
  • Credit Points are like a reputation/credibility system.
  • Each item bought gives you1 credit point.
  • Each item cancelled costs 1 credit point. (even if it’s cancelled by the seller – depending on whatever reason the seller picked)
  • When you sign up, you earn 5 credit points.
  • If you earn above 50 points and earn at least 5 points in the last 3 months, you get upgraded to VIP Status. Gmarket will be introducing different status/levels of VIP customers on the 27th of January – and there will be more benefits. Therefore the higher rank VIP you are – the more benefits you will get.

E) Book Cash


  • Book cash is something extremely dumb and not practical ( at least for us international users! )
  • It works as the same principles as Cash Balance
  • You can purchase Books, Cds, and DVDs using BOOK CASH but the amount has to be equal or higher than the total amount + shipping.


  • Next tutorial :
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  1. Nice set of tutorials^^ Correct me if I’m wrong, but Gcash can no longer be purcahse by paypal or CC.

  2. Thanks! We havent purchased Gcash before, but nice to know. Ill message Gmarket to ask about this! Thanks

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