Gmarket Tutorial : How To Search For Sulwhasoo or History of Whoo Items on gmarket ?

Many readers have been asking us how to search for the items on Gmarket. It’s simple :

First you have to go to Sulwhasoo’s or Whoo’s official website :  



First, click on which range you are interested :




Once you have clicked on the range and item you want, copy and paste the name ( highlighted on the photo below) on Gmarket’s search engine.




b) History Of Whoo




Click on the range that you want then click on the circle shown in the photo below  



When the product map shows up, copy and paste the korean name of the product you are interested in





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  1. I think they also offer an English Language page. It’s found at the “Language” link at the top of the site. They offer it in English and Chinese. I’m not sure if it provides all the products on the original Korean site. Hope this helps and thanks for the tutorial! =)

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