How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders!



This is extremely important for those of you are are in Europe or America where the tax officers are very strict.


We learnt the hard way of learning how to evade being taxed, and only mastered the art of it after a few shipments, so here we are sharing with all of you, so make sure (and hopefully!) you read this before you go on with your orders.


Rule #1

Always split your shipments in two.


When shopping on Gmarket, make sure you separate your orders in two orders.


The FIRST ORDER is the most important one, and the order which Gmarket will take when declaring taxes. Therefore, split your orders into two and put all the cheap stuff on your first order. To be sure, put items below 20,000 Korean Wons on your first order, and make sure it has at LEAST 4 items.


Rule #2


Place items which are more expensive on a second order. To be extra safe, put only 3 of these very expensive items in one order.  Unfortunately, you would have to pay for shipping twice, but it doesn’t matter as Gmarket will weigh both of your orders and ship it in one shipment, and the balance will be debited to you in your Gbalance account



After placing both orders, go to your Gmarket Shopping List. Click on Overseas Order.





Then tick on both orders that was placed, and at the bottom of the page, click on ‘REQUEST COMBINED SHIPMENT’.


If you don’t want the hassle of doing combining two orders, just put everything in one order – and Gmarket will only pick 4 items to be declared. If they pick the expensive ones – then you’re unlucky.



If ever your shipment is retained by the customs, don’t be stupid enough to send them the whole bill/paypal receipt. Gmarket picked only 4 items to be declared, therefore if you send the tax officers your paypal/gmarket/credit card recipt, you will end up paying taxes for the whole order.



What to do in this case? Simply e-mail Gmarket and ask them to scan your EMS label. Once you receive your EMS label, you will know how much to declare in your letter/or ‘letter proforma’ in french, and you will end up paying taxes for those 4 items!


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5 thoughts on “How to evade/reduce taxes on gmarket orders!”

  1. So if you make two boxes they wont taxed it?
    And no need send mail for verified if gmarket accept your request for combined shippingg?

  2. Two boxes, but the first box must contain cheap stuff. No need verification for combined shipping. Just tick the two shipments and click @request for combined shipping@ at the end of the page!

  3. How does it apply to Japan? I am going to try ordering in a month’s time for some stuff such as my packs, since the Japanese products here are too expensive and pale in comparison with Korean ones.

  4. Hello, so i ordered albums in Gmarket. And its a lot. A total of 94 albums.. I divided into 3 orders. But i didnt see this blog before so i didnt know that i have to make the first 4 items cheap what should i do? I didnt separate the items. For 1st order i put 10 quantity for album, 5 set (means 5 x 4 albums) but it is written 10 quantity albums are 1 item. 5 set is 1 item. So theyre only two items but alrwadu costs 22000 philippine peso or 440 USD. That means taxable items could be more than 440USD since my first 4 items are both 440USD What should i do?

    1. Hello, I wanna order some from gmarket too. So I wanna know is it work for you? I wanna make sure;;

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