GMarket VIP Status Revamp!

We hinted in our Tutorials that Gmarket will be changing the VIP Status soon.

It has finally been implemented today.

There will be 5 classes :

1) New Customers

2) Silver

3) Gold

4) VIP

5) Super VIP

You can only win 1 COUPON per month.

What a laugh !

So what do you think of this new VIP implementation?

Likey? Dislikey? No difference?

Voice it out.





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0 responses to “GMarket VIP Status Revamp!”

  1. I am indifferent. Honestly.

    The discounts aren’t really all that significant unless you buy ALOT to make use of the coupons which has a higher cap on the discount amount or no cap at all (Jackpot!)

    I do have SVIP status though but it’s only a reminder of how much I’ve spent on that dang site!


  2. Haha. These coupons are also once a month!

    Have you won any 15% discounts lately? I’ve tried for a WHOLE week and not even once!!

  3. They seems to have reduced the success rate of super coupon >.< 1 week I only managed to get 2 super coupon -_-

  4. I think I got it once. But honestly I don’t keep track of what kind of coupons i get until I actually want to buy something. I still go in and click click around just for the sake of doing so.

    I have coupons which gives me x amount off purchases over 40,000 and 50, 000 but haven’t found anything that I really MUST buy.

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