Want to try OHUI new products before purchasing ?

Want to try OHUI new products before purchasing ?



I’ve been pondering it for days whether to write this post. The last time i tried to share something like this, i was blamed and criticized by a Sulwhasoo representative for promoting the sale of samples, and that if consumers want to try the products – they shouldn’t purchase samples and just wait for the brand to be sold in your country – and if you can’t get it in your country – don’t have to try them!


This area is a very grey zone – so i am not going to talk about it anymore. The sale of cosmetic samples were banned by the Korean government early this year, but they disappeared from Gmarket…. but now they are slowly appearing back on Gmarket. So our favourite shop was BeautyMania01 – she’s back on Gmarket too – but the choices are so limited now. Every shop is also selling it at a ridiculous price now – 10,000 wons instead of the usual 3,000 – 5,000 wons. Even BeautyMania01 has upped her price to 7,900 – 10,000.


However, one seller in Gmarket has been selling the latest OHUI samples at a very reasonable price. I’ve bought a lot of full size items from this seller- so she’s totally recommended. She has the latest OHUI stuff – the White Extreme Ampoule, the newly upgraded white extreme essence, the new hydra formula line. So if you want to try these stuff before purchasing the full size, i’d totally recommend this seller. She also sells full size items. She is also the only seller that is selling at 5,000 wons at the moment.


It is unfortunate that those of us outside Korea are not able to obtain this samples for free, so the only way for us to try this is to purchase these samples online. However, please support the full size items if you like the samples. Cosmetic companies invest so much money in creating them – so please support them too because without them, there wouldn’t be anything on this blog.


Click here to access her shop : LIRI PRINCESS. If you purchase anything from her shop, leave a comment under the ‘Comments to Seller’ section ‘Recommended by www.hope-inablog2.com’ for some extras. 


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  1. I find stopping the sale of samples to be crazy, considering in the US we have tones of monthly subscription services that send a handful of samples for a low price, and I know Korea has Glossybox, so I find stopping the sale to be absurd. I am 10 times more likely to buy something if I can first get my hands on a sample and like it then I am if I’m told “just wait till it’s available for purchase.”

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