The Saem, It’s Skin & Holika Holika on SAle!

The Saem, It&rsquo-s Skin &amp- Holika Holika on SAle!

Viola… The Saem, It’s Skin & Holika Holika is on Sale now on Gmarket, so head over to their shops and have fun ! Smile Perfect timing to try the new Chaga Whitening line!

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  1. I was trying to replenish my stock of Sulwhasoo ampoules and noticed that there are so few shops left and prices are not that interesting. Did u notice that too about gmarket since they changed the law? It seems it affected not only the samples sales. Plus if you want to find a
    Sulwhasoo product in Korean now u have to go to the Korean page otherwise the search returns nothing? What is going on, I wonder? By the way have you reported that sulwhasoo released a new snowise serum
    In feb. I know they weren’t the nicest to u…

  2. yeah i noticed that too. the newer WHOO stuff are also hard to find on Gmarket. yeah, i know they released a new spot serum to replace the spot treatment thing they had last time with the stick on.

    i couldnt even find the new Allvit whitening range on Gmarket

    any new exciting discoveries lately? i’ve been using Donginbi and loving it too!

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