The Saem Gmarket Event

The Saem is having sales right now.. notably for the Emulsion + toner sets.. but the more interesting one would be the Dr. Beauty Cell Repair Cream which is made of snail mucin, snake venom and EGF. It is sold for only 30,000.


Head over : here

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  1. I’ve never shopped through gmarket before as I’ve heard so many complicated things about it that I’ve never wanted to bother with all the mess so I was wondering if you have any tutorial on how to order from gmarket bc you seem to have so many positive views on it that maybe you can make life there easier for me since gmarket does offer great deals which I am not able to get from ebay. Thank you.

  2. gmarket offers great prices, unfortunately not for shipping! so its better if u get more stuff so it justifies the shipping fees. there is a gmarket tutorial on the blog. look under ‘brands’ and click on ‘gmarket tutorials’

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