It’s Skin & The Saem SAle on Gmarket


Just a reminder


-30% sale on The Saem Gmarket ( 11th – 13th )

-30% sale on It’s Skin Gmarket ( 10th – 14th )

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  1. Hello there, I am starting to have liking towards the Saem products (it’s not because I just saw Lee Seunggi of course ). But are they any good? I noticed this Snail hand creams they have and I want one. It said no paraben or whatever but I am not sure if all of their products haven’t. Can you help?

  2. hahaa i have not tried it myself but i have two good friends who go on and on and on and on about how good the snail hand cream is

    but if you only want the handcreams, it will probably not be worth it to purchase on gmarket as the shipping is crazy!

    oh yes, the saem is a good brand, priced slightly more expensive compared to the other mass market brands like tonymoly etude. it’s by hankook cosmetics which have a very good reputation that produces other brands like ossion, sansim, etc!

  3. Can I just say, I heart hope-inablog. You give the phrase ‘prompt response’ a whole new meaning. Oh I wanted to buy hand creams, lip balmsgloss, toners etc etc. I was just going to dive in in there today since I don’t want to miss this 30% offer . And this would be my first ever Gmarket loot if I don’t chicken out later on. haha

  4. On a similar topic, is any better? I am thinking of just perhaps going back to ebay-ing now that I really think about it. any good online shopping site you guys can recommend?

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