It’s Skin Ginseng d’escargot Cream on SALE! First COme First Serve! HURRY!

The whole world stopped when the It’s Skin 30% Sales started and the newly released It’s Skin d’Escargot Ginseng Prestige Cream wasn’t listed in the shop. Apparently, it was ‘sold out’ !


Now, it has magically appeared on the site, but HURRY UP while all the Koreans are still asleep at this time and grab the remaining 27 pots! ONLY 27 pots left.


After the 30% discount, the Cream is on sale at 52,000 wons, but with the 10% coupon – you can purchase it at only 47,000 wons! So hurry up and head over : here before the 27 pots are gone !


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0 thoughts on “It’s Skin Ginseng d’escargot Cream on SALE! First COme First Serve! HURRY!”

  1. fortunately yes! i was in luck because a few of my friends wanted to get some BB creams on gmarket, so i joined them !! did you?

  2. haha but u wont know the next time when you can purchase it at 47,000 ! thats a difference of $21 usd!

  3. if it’s worth it i will buy it without a sale in fact i bought the original prestige cream for a full ebay price and it was cheaper than anywhere even in that case

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