Gmarket Hot Deals! : DaalStory First Care Serum at 50%

Skinfood’s fermentation brand, Daal Story, is having a 50% promotion for their star product, the Daal Story The First Serum.


What are you waiting for? Head to the link here.


Thank you to reader, vintagesakura, for the tips. If you see any Hot Gmarket Deals, e-mail us and share it with everyone!

0 thoughts on “Gmarket Hot Deals! : DaalStory First Care Serum at 50%”

  1. I think its also include freebies, but not sure whether it the 2x20ml first serum or a full size whitening drop spot serum..previously they’re hving a promotion on their web for first serum+spot serum for 26k won! Too bad I missed it T.T
    But they’re still hving disc for their cleansing gel, 22k -> 9900 won on the gmarket,while on their web the price has gone back 2 normal haha
    Do u know bout their body lines? Looks like the web isnt updated enough,still lots of info missing >_<

  2. Hello ReY

    I added and paid for the Daal first serum while they had the whitening drop spot serum. after a few hours I checked and it wants advertised with it!!! I hope I get the spot serum.

  3. Lucky u! Looks like their whitening spot is quite a hit too..make me curious bout their whitening line..I luv skinfood’s tomato n omija line,so I hv high hopes I will like daal’s one too hehe
    Do tell us if u like it or not ^^

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