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We’re gonna start a weekly feature which will be called the Gmarket Hot Deals.


Here we will be introducing the latest hot cosmetic hot deals on Gmarket on a weekly basis.



First off,


For those of you who want to get the full size mini version of Sum37’s White Award line, now is your best chance. This just came out fresh off the oven.


No doubt that this is going to be snapped up like hot cakes, so grab it while it’s hot:


1) Sum37 White Award 30ml – 14,000 wons.


2) Sum37 White Award Toner 50ml – 10,000 won





3) OHUI Renew Science Turnover 28 – 30,000 won





4) History Of Whoo Ginseng Ampoule Oil (bottle) 5ml – 8,000won – This went out of stock for some time, and now they are back in stock, but it will be sold out very soon… so grab it while they have stock left.

Under Whoo section – Number #58





5) Sum37’s Time Reset Starter’s Kit – 8,000wons – Also very reasonably priced is Sum37’s brand new line called Time Reset – which is for the troubled skin. So if you have troubled skin ( acne, blemishes etc ) give this a try! It will be sold out very quickly.. The renewed Whoo Gongjinhyang’s Starters Kit is already sold out in just 1 week, so my guess is that this Sum37 starter’s kit will finish up in no time as well.

Under Sum37 section – Number #59






6) It’s Skin Prestige Creme D’escargot – 50ml – 48,000 – On top of the 12,000 discount ( normal price is 60,000 ) , you can easily get another 10,000 off by winning the normal coupons and super coupons. After applying the coupons, i got mine at 39,000 won, which is almost half price!





7) BanilaCo’s shop is on sale right up to 50%…. so hurry up and head over : here


a) The Let me BEBE BB Cream is on 50% off





8) BanilaCo’s Jasmine Waterfull 3D Balm – it’s released!





9) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – $79USD



Gmarket Hot Deals 1








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0 responses to “Gmarket Hot Deals 1”

  1. Nice^^ The banila co bb is a steal. 15900 won, cause it’s listed price is 30,000 means you can use 4k coupon (min 30k) + 10% super coupon (min 15k). It’s only less than US$9^^ Ideal will be to buy 2, and use 10k coupon (min 60k) + 15% super coupon (min 20k), i failed getting both coupons and wasted 24 gstamps trying to get the 10k one >.<

    For History Of Whoo Ginseng Ampoule Oil, the sachet ones also a steal. 10x sachet for 4k. But sadly it's OOS.

    The SU M:37 time energy kit is sold out. It took only less than 3 days^^;

    Hope, for those really cheap SU M:37 full sized product the seller is selling, have you bought them before? I'm always skeptical when I see a full sized product being sold really cheap. Due to experience with Sasa, I'm always worried if the product is really close to expire dates^^; thx

  2. The link doesn’t work for me^^; If you mean those really attractive package deal from LG corp seller, then it sux, cause they don’t shipped overseas >….<

  3. btw do you know any mail forwarding service in south korea? looking at the skin79 oriental gold plus package deal is killing me. Singapore gmarket is selling 2x the price, and local shops are selling 3.5x -_-

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