Gmarket Haul 50 Part 1


Gmarket Haul is back! I haven’t been doing very regular Gmarket hauls as of lately, and have done a few over the past few years just that I haven’t had the time to post it! This is my first haul post after a year!


I waited 1 month for this to be shipped. Gmarket’s warehouse is under renovation right now so avoid buying anything there at the moment or you would have to wait 1 month too…



1. Mizon Returning Starfish Cream


Mizon’s Starfish Cream is a cream made with none other than….. starfish extract! There has been many weird ingredients over the past year, and at this rate, I am not surprised anymore! Anyway this cream comes with a free mini 25ml version and the packaging is kindda nice! It uses the gel polymer technology which you can find in Laneige FIrming Sleeping Pack.


2. Holika Holika UV Wonder Shield Smart Sun Touch



Bought some Christmas gift, the Holika Holika Cleansing Eggs and the Smart Sun Touch UV which is a non tinted sunscreen, and you have the option of turning it 120 degrees, 240 degrees or 360 degrees ( instruction on packaging ). Love the convenient stamping type packaging! As usual, freebies from Holika Holika.




3. Hera Sun Mate Cooling Mousse SPF50+


Hera always has really nice sun products, and this one is no exception. The texture is a moussy texture, which then breaks into water droplets, and give a sort of semi-dewy radiant finish. Very hydrating and it has this cold refreshing cooling sensation which I love! Highly recommended!



4. Hanyul Ja Woon Dan


This is hanyul’s latest offering for the harsh winter. It is an enriched balm that can be used on extremely dry areas on your face or your body such as your ankles, heels, etc. As usual, it is enriched with traditional medicine oil such as ginseng, etc.




5. Re:Nk Air Cushioning Cover


This is also one of my fav products in this haul. It’s a BB-CC Cream but in a mousse aerosol bottle. It has a ice cold sensation when applied and feels so refreshing on the face. Like like!



6. It’s Skin Silky Sun Essence


Another christmas gift. This was on promotion, buy 1 free 1 but I only got 1 … hmm. Anyway this is the typical liquid-shake sunscreen which gives a powdery finish. I love sunscreens or BB Creams with this texture and suitable for those with oily, combination skin.



7. The Saem Eco Earth Calendula Dual Cooling Sun



The Saem was pretty generous with their samples. Another xmas gift. This comes with a dual-cream : one sunscreen, and the other a cooling moisturizing cream. The Cooling Sun Gel comes with an SPF30, while the Suncream comes with an SPF50+.



8. SEP Face Lifting Mask, SEP Eye Lifting Mask



The latest sensation in Korea at the moment. THis mask is actually laced. Extremely pretty and visually attractive and unique! Can’t wait to try it myself.




9. Sum37 Secret Programming Essence and Sum37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Essence



This was my main reason for the haul. It was to stock up on my favourite Sum37. They released a limited edition Secret Programming Bottle of 250ml which is priced at the same price as an 80ml bottle, so it was definitely worth it. However, the packaging is rather cheap and not attractive compared to the normal editions.



The latest edition to the Sum37 Water-full Family : the Water Gel Essence which compliments the water gel cream. This special edition packaging comes with a full-size SUm37 Waterfull Timeless Water Gel Mist which was a big hit this summer. Can’t wait to try these two new products from my favourite hydrating line!



10. Caolion Good Morning Eye Cover cream, Caolion White Cake Cool Water Cream Stick, Caolion Bab pool cream stick.


To end Part 1, I also bought some Caolion products after the damn product placement in the korean drama, Alice in Cheongdam where many Caolion products were featured! Haha, smart advertising! I bought two hydrating sticks for winter, as well as the Caolion Good Morning Eye Cover cream. The rest were freebies, and they gave the most freebies compared to the other shops!



Any products in Part 1 that you have tried? What products caught your eye? Share it with us below!

Part 2 : Coming soon..

  • Kooslee

    Nice haul. I have been waiting for gmaket haul. I got most of my beauty items sugguestion from here.

  • Kooslee

    Is the secret essence still avaible on gmarket? My mom loves this.

    • hopeinablog

      yeap it still is!

      • Kooslee

        Yippy. May I have a possibly have a link please? Thank you so much.

  • mj

    wowww sum37!!! I wanna try it too
    Can i have a link to the seller?

  • Kpop_addicted

    Yay ! Glad that you are finally back with another Gmarket Haul !
    By the way, can you do a full review/guide about derma rollers? I suffer from acne scars and there is no cream that can solve this problem. I remember you did mention derma rollers in one of your posts and have also heard many good reviews about it. I have tried doing some researchs but not many of them are really reliable, As usual, I only trust your reviews. It would be great if you can make a guide on how to use the derma rollers.
    Looking forward to your future posts. Thanks

  • moomoo

    How is the new gel cream from sum37? I just bought the cream version samples online! :)

  • Anusha Puri

    i wish you had posted seller’s link

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