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I’m back! Sorry for the long break. I’ve finally moved to Lyon and have settled down. Been busy preparing for school as well as a new site. Most of the money generated from the sales went to building the new site, so I would like to thank everyone for making this happen.

The new site will feature some new columns, everything will be a surprise so please look forward to it. Before moving, I had a few hundred wons left in my Gmarket account so I decided to use it up so I won’t be tempted to go back anymore. Haha! Let’s check out this small haul.




Overall view of the haul :





Let’s check them out one by one :





1. Su:m37 Air Rising Moist Cushion Foundation


Seller : here


This is LG’s second BB Cushion after THE FACE SHOP. It contains the famous Sum37 Secret Programming Essence to keep your skin plumped up and moist all day. It also is equipped with an SPF of 46.






2. Sum37 ART Essence




Seller : Search for 이하 ART 에센스


I purchased the tester version of this limited edition Su:m37 ART Essence. This essence is produced in limited quantities each year due to ingredient scarcity as well as the time used to ferment each production.




200 raw cosmetic materials and 24 premium plants, fruits, vegetables, herbs are selected and fermented in oak barrels produced in France ( compared to the 78 ingredients in the Sum37 Secret Programming Essence ). FYI, the materials used to make the barrels are extremely important when you are using it for a fermentation process. No nails, nor glue are used to assemble the oak barrels to maintain the purity of the fermented essence. Same goes with the production of wine. To read the importance and influence of barrels in the wine fermentation process, read this up !




The whole process of producing the ART Essence is a tedious one which explains on the hefty price tag as well. Each production is fermented for a period of 20 months at below 15 degree Celsius and at 80% humidity underground environment . Only 4000 bottles are produced every 6 months and the whole production are done hands on by the researches themselves without going through any machines. 




This essence helps slow down the aging process, help with skin troubles,  enhances skin elasticity, and dramatically improves skin texture.



And not to mention, I was totally shocked when the seller prepared 7 FREE Su:m37 White Award Masks. Really generous!



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  1. Ahhh Sum37! ça fait des mois que je veux tester cette marque! Les Art Essences seront peut-êtremon prochain achat

    Super haul!

  2. Congrats and looking forward to your new site!
    I ordered the cushion foundation from the same seller too, can’t wait to try it

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