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I did not expect a Gmarket Haul so fast from the last one! In fact there is one coming on the way while i write this! I’ve been helping some people shop on Gmarket as they don’t have the time to do so, and Gmarket is too complicated for them! Gmarket is really becoming popular in France, and i have more requests everyday! If i were to colect commission from Gmarket i’d be a rich rich man! Lol! I got myself 1-2 items. I think i should be appointed as the Gmarket Beauty Ambassador! Lol ! I’ll share what we have bought , and if you have any questions, post them below !





1. Laneige Air Light Foundation


Seller : here


This air-light foundation comes in 4 shades. The one here is the Shade 21. I wonder if the foundation here is really air light, but it better live up to it’s name. If it is, this will be the perfect summer makeup product ! No gifts or samples from this seller Sad smile 





2. OHUI White Extreme Cellshine Magic Ampoule


3. OHUI The First Cell Revolution Advanced Ampoule


4. History Of Whoo Whitening & Moisture Cream


5. History of Whoo Soo Yeon Jin Cream


6.OHUI White Extreme Cellshine Ampoule


Seller : here


They also purchased some samples. I’ve been trying to try these new items for a long time – so i was envious! With each order, you can choose 5 types of masks that comes FREE with one order, which is a nice gesture from the seller. I want to try the History of Whoo Soo Yeon Jin Cream the most because i love that line!






7. BanilaCo Real Face BB Cream Bare Natural


Seller : here


This is apparently BanilaCo’s best BB Cream that they’ve ever made. I’ve always been a fan of BanilaCo’s BB Cream, so i wonder if their ‘BEST’ BB Cream is really something out of the world. Lol, just exaggerating Smile with tongue out  This one comes in two shades : Bare Natural and Real Natural so make sure you choose the right one if you want to try BanilaCo’s Best BB Cream. I think you can never go wrong when it comes to BanilaCo BB Cream. There is a sale going on right now, and it’s 6,000wons off the normal price! They gave quite a lot of stuff – a box of 300 cotton pads, their new pore essence, and their famous sherbet cleanser deluxe sample!





8. Sooryehan Choyun Oxalis Essence


Seller : here

This is the new Sooryehan targeted at women in their late 20’s and early 30’s looking for an anti-aging line. This Sooryehan Choyun Oxalis Essence is a first care serum and the star product of the line. So if you just want to try one item off their line – it should be this item! I love the new Sooryehan packaging. Their Onbit Makeup line also has similar packaging!





9. Sooryehan Choyun Calendula Cream


Seller : here

This is the cream from the line which uses calendula. Calendula is excellent healer, and i always use it on my bruises or wounds. It helps in increasing blood circulation. This cream is concentrated in Calendula ! Packaging is gorgeous as usual, don’t ya think ?





10. Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream


Seller : here


This is the latest BB Cream with the puff packaging attached to it. I’ve tried the Precious Mineral BB Cream before but unfortunately i bought a wrong shade, it was too dark, so i couldn’t assess  it properly! This time I’m not making the same mistake and chose the first colour available! Haha. There’s some discount on this item currently.

Here are some swatches. Mine is in 02 shade. I like this BB Cream. Coverage is much more natural and sheer compared to the Precious Mineral, and lighter in texture!







11. Lacvert Illuminating BB


Seller : here


Ok, my friend wanted a cheap BB Cream which has the same effect as the History Of Whoo Seol BB Cream and after reading about this BB Cream, i asked her to try this! So i’m hoping that it will be the same since they are under the same company, LG! I will update you guys on this – so those looking for a cheaper alternative on THE whoo can finally try get something cheaper.





12. VOV Light Lasting Foundation




13. VoV Light Lasting Cream Primer




14. VoV Light Lasting Vibrating Puff


Seller : here





Looks like ‘light’ is the word for summer! I’ve seen the blind tests for the foundation, so let’s see if it does live up to it’s expectations! VoV was acquired by LG last year so i expect nothing less than spectacular! I hope i get to try this before it goes to the respective owners! Pray pray pray for me guys! Lol! When i first opened the box, i thought i had bought some 100 euros Guerlain/Dior/Chanel foundation. The packaging is sooooooo damn gorgeous and luxurious, it even comes in a glass bottle, not a plastic one. And *gasp* this only costs about 16,000 wons! WINNER! I feel like getting one set for myself too *itchy hands*






15. Lavida White Solution Fluid


Seller : here

Finally someone answered my prayers and wanted to try the Lavida Whitening line. Lavida has always intrigued me because of it’s soaring popularity in Asia. This is the toner from the line, and there isn’t any emulsion in the line. Hopefully this line is fabulous! If you are purchasing anything from Liri Princess, tell her that you were ‘recommended by www.hope-inablog’ in the comments to seller section!





16. Lavida White Solution Cream


Seller : here


This is the cream from the line. It’s about 40,000 wons less expensive than the retail price, and i totally recommend this seller. If you are purchasing anything from Liri Princess, tell her that you were ‘recommended by www.hope-inablog’ in the comments to seller section!




17. Lavida Sun Solution Daily IRF 20


Seller : here


If you are purchasing anything from Liri Princess, tell her that you were ‘recommended by www.hope-inablog’ in the comments to seller section! I want to try this badly too. Maybe the next round. It is slightly tinted btw ! Smile Coverage is super sheer and gives more of a skin tone correction and glowy look. I am super sure that this sun cream will be a hit this summer. It’s really moist and just excellent ! You won’t regret it. I tested a sample that came along with it. Probably get it when i have some money !


Some swatches from the sample :






18. Hyosiah Daily Sun Cream

Seller : here

If you are purchasing anything from Liri Princess, tell her that you were ‘recommended by www.hope-inablog’ in the comments to seller section! This Hyosiah Daily Sun Cream has had good reviews. I really liked their Hyosiah Whitening Sun Cream but it was a little pricey, so this was priced right, and one of my friends wanted to try a fermented sun cream and since i’ve tried the Su:m37 one which is fabulous, i suggested this to her!


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  1. I’ve also tried Etude House Precious Mineral BB. Didn’t like it all! Sticky and greasy. Perhaps, one has to have a normal or dry skin to benefit from it?

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