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Another Gmarket haul done by my friends using my account. Am really broke lately because i’ve been saving up to pay for next year’s hosting so i only bought one item using my Blogger of the month coupon and some leftover money! The rest were bought by my friends, but don’t worry – they will be reviewed eventually on the blog! I will be posting initial impressions of these products since they won’t be with me so if you have any questions – hurry up and ask before they’re taken away!


1. MULE Makeup Brushes

2. MULE Artist Natural Foundcealer

Photo above.

Seller : here (brush) , here (Foundcealer)




I’ve written an article on this brand MULE ( Make Your Own Rule ) by celebrity make-up artist Jung Saem Mool which is really popular in Korea since last year. I’ve never used any Korean brushes, and i wasn’t disappointed with these brushes at all. They are sturdy and soft and comes in a really nice customized bag. A brush to be used with the other products in the MULE line, in particular the Foundcealer. There is a powder brush, foundation brush, a brush for the eye brightener in the foundcealer, and another brush for the concealer in the foundcealer.( Foundcealer contains Foundation + Concealer + Eye Brightener ) The brush comes in a special bag where everything is organized nicely and even contains a pouch for you to place your skincare or other makeup items.




First impression : Shade one can be really light, so unless you have the nothern asian type of white-snow-rosy complexion , i would advise you to go with Shade 2. The packaging is very sturdy though bulky, and i can see why this product is so popular. It’s just really convenient to have everything packed into one product – and not forgetting the palette which makes it so convenient to blend everything together.


3. Re:Nk Essence BB Cream


Seller : here



First impression : If you already own the Cell Luminous Real White Sun Block, don’t get this. This is pretty much the same product except that it is a little more hydrating. Check out the 2012 Re:Nk BB article that i wrote which sums up the other products in the BB line this year. It has SPF of 40.



4.  Hannule Rich Effect Whitening BB Cream


Seller : here



This is the latest Hannule BB Cream : the whitening BB Cream. If you loved the Hannule Sun Cream, you definitely have to get this. It gives that dewy really radiant glow that the sunblock gives.


6. Lavida Powercell Essence Set

Seller : here



My friend wanted to check out what the whole fuss was about the Coreana Lavida brand so she got this set which was pretty cheap ( about 35,000 wons cheaper than the retail price ) . Even better, it comes with samples of the just-released LAVIDA Whitening line.


7. OHUI Hydra Formula Special Set

Seller : here




This was the only thing i purchased! Wanted something light and refreshing for the spring and summer, and this line is much cheaper than the Sum37 Waterfull line. This is the newly upgraded 2012 version of the hydra formula. For those who want to get this, the toner comes in two times : one is a proper toner which is more refreshing, and the other is a milky toner which is more hydrating. I didn’t notice that and purchase the milky version and gotta say that i do love this line, but the Sum37 Waterfull is still better.



8. Holika Holika Face Change Liquid Roller BB


Seller : here



First impression : Unless you have darker skin or tan, i think Shade 1 would be more suitable. My friend tried this on me, and i am still not sure if i like it or not ! Would have to use it for a few times more, but this BB Roller is one of Holika Holika’s star product.



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  1. For the link you provided to buy MULE. Which selection is it for foundcealer in 01? I know the last two options are the correcealer balm. But unsure what’s the difference between the first two options. Please advise me if you can (:

  2. Thanks for the heads up hope! I’m an NC 20, should I get the shade 1 or 2? I heard ppl say shade 2 is really dark, shade 1 is too light. I’m worried about that.

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