Gmarket Haul 27



With quite an amount left on my Cash Balance, some coupons/shopping reward – and a few birthdays coming soon – another Gmarket haul ! Seems like there’s always an excuse to have a Gmarket Haul! Let’s take a look of the haul…




1. Secret Key Snail EGF Prestige Repairing Cream


Seller : here


This is the latest edition from the Secret Key Snail series. The packaging is of course, prestige, but no where comparable to It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot Series. Neither is the ingredient list in any way prestige. I kind of regretted purchasing it after looking at the ingredient list, because there isn’t anything ‘Prestige’ about it! Well, at least they gave a full size eye cream from the Snail + EGF ‘non-prestige’ series and also a huge packet of samples. Hopefully the cream proves me wrong when i start using it!






2. Etude House Nymph Aura Boosting Primer


Seller : here


The Nymph Aura line from Etude House is selling like hot cakes now. Even though it’s more of a make-up line, i love this line! I really liked the Etude House Nymph Aura Volumer , so i figured that i should test this one out as well.





3. History Of Whoo In Yang Lifting Mask


Seller : Sold Out


I soooooo regretted getting only one set of this, because it is already sold out! It is priced at 50% less expensive than the original price for a set of 7 masks ! Boo Hoo Hoo. I think this is my favourite mask in the whole wide world right now.




4. Daal Story The First Serum

5. Daal Story Moisture Drop Essence

6. Daal Story Moisture Drop Emulsion

7. Daal Story Moisture Drop Toner

8. Daal Story Moisture Drop Cream

9. Daal Story Whitening Drop Toner


Seller : here


I wrote about this brand before in a post. If you didn’t read this, Daal Story is under the Skinfood company. Skinfood Gmarket doesn’t shop internationally, but however Skinfood’s Daal Story ships internationally. They were having a huge clearance sales recently, and i quickly grabbed the opportunity to try some of their stuff. The Daal Story products were packed in Skin Food boxes even! A lot of the products have been sold out, but there are a few products left that are still on sale. Their bestseller, the Daal Story First Care Serum ( the Sulwhasoo First Care Serum copy-cat ) is also sold out already! Sad smile 


They were very generous with samples as they gave me lots of full size samples as well as packet samples!










< strong>10. It’s Skin Prestige D’escargot Serum


Seller : Here


The infamous Prestige D’Escargot series recently pushed out a serum and eye cream. The packaging is gorgeous as usual ! Open-mouthed smile I think It’s Skin is the stingiest when it comes to samples! Haha… guess how much samples it came with? NONE! lol.




11. Mizon All In One Snail Healing Cream

Seller : here


A gift for a friend’s birthday. The Mizon Snail Cream comes in a 75ml jar and also gives away a free full size gel-cream as well as some samples. Much more generous than It’s Skin even though you’re paying so much less!




12. The Saem Chaga Cream / Emulsion / Toner / Serum

13. The Saem Dr Beauty Cream

14. The Saem Gem Miracle Diamond Essence Toner


Seller : here


Was sooooooo glad that The Saem finally opened it’s boutique on Gmarket ! Have heard lots of good stuff about the Chaga line, so it was time to check it out ! They gave a huge ‘After School’ special bag with lots of samples inside ( photo below! )









15. Amore Pacific HYOSIAH Black Bean Fermented Essence

16. Amore Pacific HYOSIAH Black Bean Fermented Cream


Seller : here , here


Amore Pacific’s fermented bean brand – Hyosiah – recently released a new series called the Black Bean Fermented Series which features a cream and an essence. Since my mum’s birthday is coming up – decided to get this for her since a friend said that this did wonderful things to her aging skin! Hopefully I’ll be able to test them myself to write a review!

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  1. I am trying to order something from Gmarket, I have couple delivery fee discount for purchase over 30,000won,
    it says “브랜드온 무료배송쿠폰_ 11월”, is this a store name? and how do I use it?

    I also have couple coupon that I can download, one of them is LG 뷰스토리 25% 할인쿠폰, again, how do I use it, is it for particular store?


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