Gmarket Haul #19


We did another Gmarket Haul to prepare for summer. Each of us ordered a sun care product, so you’ll have 6 reviews from us when we’re done testing them!  

We also bought a trial set of the Re:NK line

Gmarket Haul #19

1. Coway Re-Nk Cell Luminous Trial Kit

Can’t wait to try this. It seems to be very similar to OHUI’s White Extreme as well as SK-II Celluminous line!

Gmarket Haul #19

2. Coway Re-NK Skin Renew Trial Kit

Contains the toner and emulsion from the Time Lab line BUT the serum and cream from the Skin Renew line

Gmarket Haul #19

3. HERA Sun Mate Airlight SPF 30

4. HERA Sun Mate Daily SPF 35

5. HERA Sun Mate Leports SPF 50

Gmarket Haul #19

6. OHUI Perfect Sunblock Red EX

7. OHUI Perfect Sunblock Black EX

8. OHUI Powder Sun Block EX Sun Science

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