Gmarket Haul #13 !

Just one day after, we received our other Gmarket order. LOL. This is going to be our 2nd last Gmarket order for sometime. The last one will be arriving next week.

However, this time around, we had some other friends who purchased more stuff too..

Let’s see if there’s anything to catch your attention ( I’m sure there will be ! )


1. History Of Whoo : The Whitening Program Kit Samples, The FULL SIZE discontinued CHUNG : DAN essence. ( we ordered the YOON though ). Ohmygod.. did u just see that luxurious looking Whoo Hwanyu Mini-kit?? It really is gorgeous isn’t it ? Am so in love with the packaging ! We also got samples off the Hanyul Premium Whitening line – the face cream.

2. We also got ourselves the infamous Whoo Jineak Whitening Program. This is the old version as the new upgraded version contains a bottle of gel and i think the essence is upgraded too. However i sent an email to Royal Beauty Cosmetics which sells the History Of Whoo products and asked them the difference between the old and renewed line ( renewed as of May 2010 ) and this was their reply :

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your interest.  The new whitening jianek program comes with an extra gel lotion to boost with the whitening effect.  According to our customers back home in Seoul, and our customers in North America, the original whitening jinaek program does a much faster job at whitening than the new upgraded version. If you have further questions feel free to contact us.

Best Regards,

Royal Beauty Cosmetics


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  1. I always amazed to see how even the samples are luxurious and beautiful!!

    Thos 6 jars on the second pic are samples right? What are they exactly?

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