Gatzmen Oil Tapping Powder Review

[GATZMEN] Oil Tapping Powder

[GATZMEN] Oil Tapping Powder




GATZMEN Oil Tapping Powder

Good bye~ the greasy face. Have a soft face all day!

AnyTime, AnyWhere! Deliver softness to your skin!

*GATZMEN Oil Tapping Powder is a sebum and oil absorption powder.

* It easily and quickly makes your skin soft when applying it on an oily & drab skin.

* Removes unnecessary oil, sebum and skin waste.

* Appliable to any area of the T and U zone.

* Pores can breathe due to contained vegetable ingredients in this powder.

* An ideal for sensitive & delicate skin because it is mild and not irritative.

* Colorless and can be used regardless of the skin tone & type.

* There is no residue on the face after using.



How to Use



1. Tap lightly on oily areas of the face such as the T zone and nose with the puff at any time.

2. Reapply this powder when a lot of sebum is secreted again.

* Tip

It is good to carry this powder for removing sebum or oil of the face effectively.  












The powder comes in a small little round plastic container that is around 5.4cm in diameter, therefore making it convenient to carry around. After the first use, it can be conserved for 1 year but with summer around, this is probably going to last you for only 2-3 months.


Comes with it is a mini puff which is smooth. However, i do prefer using a powder brush as i can see the amount of powder that goes on it ! But the puff is also really convenient and you can use it anytime, anywhere! A new product will also come with a sticker protecting the powder from spilling over/  To get the powder on the puff, just hold the puff together with the container, and overturn it.



Shade & Texture







The powder is really fine, and applies smoothly on your face. Those afraid that the powder will leave a white cast on your face need not worry because it is almost invisible on your face. Just tap the powder on areas which have excess sebum without having to worry about looking like a geisha.


As the powder is ultra fine, you really don’t feel like you’ve placed anything on your face. It feels really breathable and doesn’t feel powdery nor sticky on your face. As you can see from the photos above, even with flash, the whiteness is hardly noticeable.



Main Ingredients



The rice starch helps to cover pores, but lets them breathe and is a much better alternative to Mica. Once considered a controversial ingredient, it has now managed to rebuke it’s reputation. Rice Powder is used in the ancient art of Ayurveda, a practice of holistic healing, and has been for centuries. It is used in the form of a poultice to soothe and bring rapid relief from inflamed acne or skin ulcerations on the skin. ( Read here ).  


The peppermint oil gives a slightly minty fragrance to this. Peppermint oil contains Vitamin A, C, Omega 3 and many other minerals. It is antiseptic in nature and also helps keep pimples at bay!


Allantoin is an naturally produced chemical compound produced by many organisms including animal, plants and bacteria. It is used for medication in acne, and is moisturizing and keratolytic meaning that it causes keratin in the skin to soften. This property helps skin to heal more quickly and to bind moisture more effectively, making products containing allantoin useful for dry skin and for healing wounds, burns, and scars. It is also effective against sunburn, chapped lips, cold sores, diaper rash, and similar skin irritations. ( Source : here ). This is also one of the reasons why this ingredient is frequently seen in BB Creams.


This product does contain mineral oil, talc, and paraben but so far, it has not caused any reactions nor acne.







I love this product and bring it along with me everywhere i go. I have oily-combination skin and during the summer, it gets REALLY greasy but with this product, i can just tap tap tap on my T-zone and get rid of the shine. It has a really lightweight, invisible powder with a matte finish. Definitely a product for men as the oiliness is always a problem for us!




Perfect for the men on-the-go which wants to keep their face looking like an oil spill. This will also be suitable for those with oily skin looking for a non-tinted powder alternative and there is a version for the females which can be found here. However the female version is a little bit more expensive, so if you’re on a budget. you can just get the men’s version : here.


Though this product looks sort of like a ‘make-up’ product which will hinder men from purchasing this – but keep in mind that we are in the 21st century – where men and women are on the same level and have to compete on many levels. If the women are taking care of their skin and looks, men should start up their level too! A confident man can even make a blush look sexy on him! Haha.


This product can be found on Wishtrend for $12.99 here. Shipping is free above $60USD ( Normal Shipping ) and $100USD ( Shipping With Tracking ).


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