GATZMEN All-in-one lotion review (giveaway/concours inside/dedans)








Forget about the order of products you need to apply . A SINGLE-STEP to treat your skin 

Toner+Lotion+Essence – All-in-one


Developed with the optimal balance between  oil, supplements and essence.

Beyond a simple mix between toners, lotions and essence

This is the ultimate solution for men’s superficially oily, yet dry inner skin 


Replenishes the lost moisture and nutrition in men’s skin due to Cleansing, Shaving, Smoking, Lack of sleep, Stress and quickly balances the agents within your skin










The Lotion comes in a nice elegant pump with the height of 16.5 cm & 4cm width. 1-2 pumps would suffice for each use. The bottle comes in 150ml, and the manufacturing date & expiry date is printed on both the bottle and the box packaging as well.














IMAG0940 (1)




This lotion isn’t your typical toner. Because it’s meant to be both a toner + lotion + essence, the serum is more of a gel serum texture. Initially, the gel essence texture is quite apparent, but after spreading it on your face, it becomes watery and fills your skin with moisture. It absorbs really quickly into the skin, leaves it moist and hydrated! You’ll also makes the skin really soft and smooth. It doesn’t irritate the skin, and has a slight cooling feeling so probably there is some mint extract here that gives you that cooling, refreshing feeling.








I also tested the stickiness of the lotion! The stickiness goes away after 1-2 minutes and as you can see in the photos above, the stickiness is minimal.










Because i’ve been using the Skin&Lab series, my skin’s balance and hydration levels has been on above average condition. So when measuring my skin hydration, the reading was already above normal levels. As you can see, there was a huge spike in skin hydration using the Scalar Kanebo Skin Moisture Meter.



Oil Test




As you can see, even after 12 hours, not a mark of oil on the facial blotting paper. This is because the lotion is oil free! It is made so, because of the nature of men’s skin which is oily on the outside – but dehydrated in the inside.



Ingredient List






Certified Whitening function, Vitamin B

Effective against wrinkles and red spots


Korea Angelica Root Extract

Controls the synthesis of melanin – Whitening

Anti-aging & anti-bacterial effect


Black Cohosh Extract

Traditional Indian treatment ingredient

Anti-inflammatory effect, Enhances immune system


Pueraria Root Extract

Scar healing, reducing & hemostatic effect & skin glossing effect


Pomegranate Extract

Sustains skin gloss, elasticity

Prevents hair loss

Removes dead skin cells & whitening effect


Schizandra Ex

Contains organic acid, essential oils, tannin, saponin, and ascorbic acid

that are effective in

pore contracting, whitening and wrinkle alleviating effects

with anti-bacterial agents that protect the skin


Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil acts as a moisturizer and emollient agent

to improve skin elasticity and suppleness, containing natural tocopherols

to minimize oxidation and lipid peroxidation





This is a good product for those looking for an all-in-one product that doesn’t want the hassle to go through 6 steps. It hydrates the skin, has a nice refreshing and cooling feel – and is made to please the typical male skin needs. It was developed with an optimal balance between oil, nutrition and essence and a solution for men’s superficially oil, yet dry inner skin. It has a nice refreshing scent which isn’t too strong and doesn’t linger.


You can purchase this on Wishtrend : here and there are plenty of discount coupons around the internet!


I will be giving this away together with the Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream to a male blogger. All you will need is to pay for shipping. If you are a male blogger, please leave details of your blog below if you are interested in trying out these two products and write a review later on Winking smile

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  1. This looks good. I think my other half would like this. Quick question, I am currently in the UK and I want this delivered to the US, is this possible? Thanks!

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