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Germany’s DM ( something like Singapore’s Watsons / Guardian ) is one of the best places to shop in Europe if you’re looking for cheap but good body creams / hand creams / etc. It is also one of the cheapest! Everytime i’m in Germany, i basically go crazy at DM. Everything is almost half-priced compared to the crazy prices in France…And that is why the French living in Strasbourg drive down to Germany to do their daily shopping instead of buying it in France.



So i basically grab a whole bunch of stuff ( hand creams, vitamins, body lotion, body milk, etc ) without even doing my research online because they’re really cheap ( from 0.50 euros – 4 euros ) .. and Florena was one of the cheap yet good body creams i’ve discovered. Let’s not forget the infamous german hand cream ( photo below )that everyone loves ( especially the Hongkies! ) costs about 1 euro in DM.


Florena Olive Oil Body Milk Review



Florena perceives the potential of olive oil and uses it as a basic active ingredient in a range of intensive beauty products for dry skin. Especially the single unsaturated olein acid offers outstanding protection for the skin.


The readers of professional magazine „Lebensmittel Praxis“ (food praxis) awarded the day cream of Florena with olive oil with a silver medal. With this it is a “product of the year 2008” within the category facial care. Also product testing magazine “Öko-Test“ rated in its edition 03/2008 the day cream with “Good”.


The problem with dry skin is not limited only to the face. Who is not caring his body enough with extra treatments risks a skin which sometimes is strained and also might be itchy. The caring milk of Florena is the perfect partner for dry skin, because it is especially rich. A high level of oleic acid interconnects perfectly with the skin.





52 (6)


Very standard packaging. Would have preferred if it was a pump dispenser though! Contains 400ml of body lotion. It’s hard to control the amount of lotion that comes out, so be very careful ! You only need a small amount to cover a big surface.











The lotion has a thick consistency, but it is easy to spread and absorbs rather easily. The best part is that you only need a small amount to cover a large surface ! It does have an initial greasiness to it, but it disappears once the lotion is absorbed. It moisturizes your skin instantly, leaves it radiant and glowy, without the stickiness and greasiness!




Oil Test




Okay, so it didn’t do very well in the Oil Test – in fact, it was extremely bad! However, it really doesn’t few greasy at all on your body after leaving it for 3-5 minutes! The reason is that because this lotion is rich in Olive Oil, which explains all this!




Hydration Test




The Oil Test here is also a fail ! Haha, The Oil level increases by 9 levels!! However, i swear it isn’t that bad on your body. Your fingers might feel a little greasy, but it doesn’t feel that way on your body. But no worries, the oil is Olive Oil which is good for your skin anyway ! Smile 


It does moisturize your skin instantly, and leaves a film on top of your skin ( due to mineral oil ), but this lotion isn’t that super rich body lotion for super dry skin. It does its job good enough to hydrate those with normal skin.






55 (5)


This is where it isn’t very impressive.. but for the price it’s sold – there’s no surprise here!



You all might be freaking out with Paraffinum Liquidum and Isoparaffin ( a.k.a Mineral Oil ) at the 2nd and 3rd position. But before you strike this down, take a read at Beauty Brain’s article on the The Top 5 Myths about Mineral Oil : here, and Why Companies Are Telling You To Avoid Mineral Oil : here



Of course it’s star here is the Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, the oil obtained from the ripe fruit of Olea europaea. Emollient plant oil similar to many other non-fragrant plant oils. The concept of olive oil having anti-aging properties stems from some evidence that diets high in olive oil may help prevent heart disease. Olive oil is beneficial for dry skin because of its fatty acid content, some of which comes from the emollient squalene. Olive oil contains essential fatty acids dry skin needs, including oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids. It also contains phenolic compounds that provide antioxidant benefit. Also worth mentioning is olive oil’s anti-inflammatory property. Although this benefit has been demonstrated when olive oil is consumed orally, it is reasonable to assume that topical application would net this benefit too. Olive oil appears to decrease pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids while increasing anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. There are also a small number of animal tests showing that topically applied olive oil can protect against UVB damage (Cosmetic Cop)  






This is a product that does a good job for the price you’re paying. It costs about 3-4 euros for 400ml, and you only need a little amount each use.



It moisturises your body without making it sticky, greasy and uncomfortable. It leaves your skin soft and smooth as well !  Although it might not be the super rich hydrating type, it will usually work perfectly for those with normal skin, looking for a moisturizing body lotion. It is also dermatologically tested , making it suitable for those with sensitive skin too! It also has a nice scent ( of course, it has perfume in it!) and a slight olive smell to it too! Of course i would have preferred if perfume wasn’t included.



So if you’re in Germany, look for DM ( they’re everywhere just like how you can find Watsons/Guardian anywhere in Singapore or Malaysia ), and check out their other range. The Olive Oil range also has other products such as a day cream, etc. During sales, you can even purchase this product for 1.50 – 2.00 euros!



This body lotion is also a hit here at my apartment. All of my housemates have Florena’s body milk too !



Repurchase : Yes, definitely!


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