Gmarket Hot Deals : Prepare for the Etude House Sales!


Be prepared for tomorrow…. Etude House is having sales for two days starting tomorrow till the 8th !


Head over to their Gmarket page : here


If you purchase anything, type in anything ‘Recommended by ‘ for some extras !

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  1. This is a really good deal, but they don’t give out any freebies this time, right? Maybe this is a good time to get a back up on dr lash serum. I usually get sucker in buying new items at Etude because of their offer freebies. I remembered you bought Etude Aura Primer in one of your haul, how do like it?

  2. I got dayshu fixer cream on my last haul, after I saw how much you praise about it, and some before and after pictures on blog naver. It is indeed awesome. I noticed that Etude volumer has more of a dewy finish compares to dayshu. Do you wear your dayshu cream on top of sunscreen?

  3. the etude volumer has a dewy finish, but not that glow like the dayshu gives. the volumer has more of that natural ‘oil’ glow.. as it is oil based so avoid if you have oily skin. the dayshu has that pearl-like glow.

    When i apply my dayshu, i avoid sunscreen as it will become too white if using both at the same time. so i always apply a BB cream after my dayshu , or mix them together and apply, and apply a high spf tinted sun powder

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