get rid of blackheads with etude house


It’s going to be a blackhead festival during summer ! In summer blackheads develop twice as fast as in winter because the skin releases excess oils during summer. Etude House to the rescue with their newly upgraded Black Head line!



The line helps in controlling the sebaceous glands, helps absorb excess oil with the help of Rhassoul Clay, a exquisite high quality clay from ancient deposits unearthed from the fertile Atlas mountains of Morocco where it has been used for over 1400 years as a skin conditioner, soap, and shampoo. This clay has a long history, and was used in ancient Rome and Egypt by those of nobility.  Rhassoul is a mineral rich, reddish/brown clay that blends extremely well with water making its application to the face and skin a smooth and delightful experience.



Rhassoul has been shown to be effective on skin elasticity, clogged pores, removes dead skin layers, removed surface oil from skin, improves skin clarity and appearance, and reduces flakiness and dryness of both the scalp and skin.



The line consists of 5 products :


1) Etude House Black Head Cleansing Foam Pad 

클렌징 폼 패드



2) Etude House Black Head Heating Deep Clean Gel 

히팅 딥 클린 젤



3) Etude House Black Head Waxing Gel

왁싱키트 ( for the nose )




4) Etude House Black Head Pore Tightening Essence

슬리핑 페이스트




5) Etude House Black Head Sleeping Paste

포어 타이트닝 에센스






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