Etude House releases fermentation skincare line



Etude House has released a new fermentation line since it’s the hottest skincare trend in the Korean market at the moment. The ETUDE HOUSE GOBACK Skincare Series contains 2% of fermented ‘Activating 7-seed complex’ (flowering quince seed, fennel seed, pine nut tree, linseed, winter melon seed, camellia seed, and green tea sea), 54% of 6-year old fermented ginseng water, and 5.3% of fermented ginseng root water.


Sounds expensive eh? But as you know – all Etude House items are really reasonably priced!  The anti-aging line aims to activate tired skin by delivering moisture and nutrition to the skin layers with a refreshing finish without any greasiness nor stickiness. It even comes with a massage tool that Amore Pacific released in the Hanyul brand with the Hanyul Massage Cream. The line will be free from parabens, artificial colouring, benzophenon, animal ingredients, mineral oil and talc. It will contain 5 products  :


a) Etude House Goback Firming Cream

b) Etude House Goback Boosting Serum

c) Etude House Goback Total Solution

d) Etude House Goback Mask Sheet

e) Etude House Goback Firming Tool

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  • junhee

    I didn’t expect Etude House to try fermentation stuff !

  • Lee

    Hi Hope! Can this line be used in oily or acne prone skin? Thanks

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